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Interior 2010 Boston Marathon Results

The list also includes the top three male and female from B.C. and Canada.

Correction made: Corrine Gable's time was shown as 4:25 and has been corrected to 3:32:06. Boston has made other corrections since postiing these results and the overall, gender, and division results have changed for some runners listed below.

Boston Marathon results, 2010
1st M Can107 Bardeesy, Rami 41 M Halifax NS CAN2:27:220:05:3747453
2nd M Can1008 Cartier, Richard 48 M Sainte Anne Des Lacs QC CAN2:31:080:05:4685782
3rd M Can1139 Myers, Ken A. 30 M Calgary AB CAN2:39:170:06:05185167150
1st F CanF103 Robson, Denise C. 41 F Dartmouth NS CAN2:43:160:06:14274241
1st M BC1459 Hansen, Maxim 35 M Kamloops BC CAN2:49:540:06:29519485398
2nd F Can 1st BCF21 Connelly, Tina 39 F Port Coquitlam BC CAN2:52:080:06:346063936
2nd M BC2212 Ladd, Russ S. 51 M West Vancouver BC CAN2:54:300:06:4074870222
3rd M BC2085 Guillemet, Chris Y. 38 M Coquitlam BC CAN2:54:490:06:40768721563
3rd F Can3083 Morris, Vanessa 33 F Toronto ON CAN2:57:490:06:4710286454
5309 Gable, Patrick 46 M Kelowna BC CAN3:05:130:07:0418381716160
3610 Pooli, Christopher R. 24 M Kamloops BC CAN3:12:220:07:21292826791759
2nd F BC6395 Donnelly, Mica 28 F Vancouver BC CAN3:14:260:07:253313315258
4609 Schreiber, Curtis T. 48 M Kelowna BC CAN3:14:570:07:2634353102331
3rd F BC6215 Summers, Erica L. 27 F Victoria BC CAN3:15:590:07:293645364298
11322 Martin, Courtney E. 29 F Vernon BC CAN3:19:510:07:384429523413
4652 Carr, Gordie M. 39 M Lake Country BC CAN3:23:120:07:45511944302466
8552 Okano, Kyle S. 40 M Kamloops BC CAN3:24:440:07:4954674688964
11005 Hornbeck, Tiffany 37 F Kamloops BC CAN3:26:210:07:535845902699
16648 Fitzgerald, Ali 37 F Kamloops BC CAN3:27:430:07:5662141027794
13900 Gable, Corrine 45 F Kelowna BC CAN3:32:060:08:067724155891
18382 Beckner, Suzy 38 F Salmon Arm BC CAN3:32:290:08:07783116031222
14870 Schreiber, Danita M. 46 F Kelowna BC CAN3:32:550:08:0877021594100
9888 Parks, Keith 49 M Kelowna BC CAN3:33:370:08:09788262131129
14637 Welder, Laurelee 55 F Kelowna BC CAN3:34:480:08:128494188516
14285 Nottebrock, Tricia 48 F Kelowna BC CAN3:37:530:08:1991282263170
17007 Litchfield, Corinne 32 F Kelowna BC CAN3:39:470:08:23968825351848
13699 Naito, Gerry J. 52 M Vernon BC CAN3:43:260:08:32106967637995
13623 Jordan, Alana D. 33 F Kelowna BC CAN3:43:520:08:331081331172214
18153 Baldassare, Kimberly 42 F Kelowna BC CAN3:49:500:08:46124153955763
8097 Carruthers, Philip L. 45 M Vernon BC CAN3:58:470:09:071486995351926
9119 Cameron, Shane 40 M Kelowna BC CAN4:00:150:09:101520996771681
18764 Buick, Tammy L. 44 F Vernon BC CAN4:03:520:09:181590059541184
20268 Jollymore, Kim E. 50 F Kelowna BC CAN4:09:110:09:31168236497421
17057 Heffner, Nicole 37 F Vernon BC CAN4:09:400:09:321688565303673
14120 Buckley, Tony J. 54 M Kamloops BC CAN4:18:530:09:5318122108811593
20974 Stoltz, Tanis M. 45 F Oyama BC CAN4:21:360:09:591840473921214
21905 Wike, Sandra L. 55 F Kelowna BC CAN4:22:510:10:02185377460180
21101 Thomson, Kirsty 53 F Kelowna BC CAN4:24:260:10:06186877540588
21764 Heidt, Charlotte M. 56 F Kelowna BC CAN4:27:240:10:12190677766210
21369 Spence, Eric B. 62 M Vernon BC CAN4:29:230:10:171930011418497
21229 Carruthers, Alison 47 F Vernon BC CAN4:29:410:10:181934379061328
15886 Kowbel, Donna D. 37 F Kelowna BC CAN4:30:050:10:191938279274172
4129 Franzen, Rod C. 33 M Kelowna BC CAN4:35:010:10:3019898117394169
21921 Smith, Clark K. 67 M Kelowna BC CAN4:36:570:10:342011011861153
21007 Spalding, Lisa 45 F Penticton BC CAN4:40:150:10:422033883651400

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