Kal Park 2K - 2015

25 Oct 15


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Kal Park 2.5K, 2015
2Elijah LazarMSalmon Arm10.17
3Matthew AcobMcoldsteam11.09
4Erik HaaheimMkelowna11.31
5Greg HalesMLake Country12.44
6Kyle HoustonMKelowna12.45
7Brody WrightMVernon12.56
8Keegan HalesMLake Country13.03
9Hayden LazarMSalmon Arm13.31
10Paige LeahyFVernon13.31
11Sierra MunroeFVernon13.35
12Dawson BondMVernon13.45
13Brenlan DoyleMColdstream14.52
14Evan SadeskyMVernon15.16
15Max WrightFVernon15.17
16Luca ArianoMVernon15.17
17Calla HaaheimFkelowna15.39
18Kessa  SchroederFVernon16.23
19Julia RussellFVernon 17.00
20Steve RussellMVernon 17.00
21Kescia DoyleFColdstream17.04
22Ashley QuigleyFKelowna18.04
23Aya HiguchiFVernon18.07
24Narumi HiguchiFVernon18.11
25Cadence QuigleyFKelowna18.31
26Abigail JeromeFKelowna18.41
27Davis SpencerMKelowna18.48
28Emma JeromeFKelowna18.57
29Calla DoyleFColdstream19.05
30Jason DoyleMColdstream19.06
31Rebecca AcobFcoldsteam19.56
32Yann BrierleyMColdstream22.02
33Everett BrierleyMColdstream22.02
34Brynn BrierleyFColdstream22.02
35Nicholas BensonMVernon23.59
36Sarah BensonFVernon23.59
37Sally BensonFVernon24.04
38Jane WrightMVernon26.30
39Merryn WrightFVernon31.12


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