2016 news:

Cross country race series winners:

November 24

Congratulations to the following athletes for winning their age group in the 2016 Starting Block cross country race series.

Female Winners:

F20-29 Maggie McLeod, F30-34 Meghan Harms, F45-49 Tina Matheson, F50-54 Susan Brown, F55-59 Gloria Woolner, F60-64 Marsha Thompson, F65-69 Judy Lloyd, F70-74 Karen Willies.

Male Winners:

M1-15 Keagan Ingram, M20-29 Zach Jackman, M30-34 Dustin Quigley, M35-39 Brad Smart, M40-44 David Larsen and John Wilson, M45-49 David Matheson, M50-54 Andrew Brome, M55-59 Stephen Joyce, M60-64 Steve Buzikievich, M65-69 Ken Riegel, M70-74 Garry Bell, M80-84 Bruce Butcher.

Series Awards

November 22

As the race series are now over for the year it is time to recognise some award winners. Many thanks to all who took part in this years events and we look forward to seeing you out next year. We are indebted to all the clubs, race directors and volunteers who made this years races possible. Without your hard work and dedication we couldn't have had such a successful year.

Road race series winners:

Congratulations to the following athletes for winning their age group in the 2016 Canadian Tire road race series.

Female Winners:

F20-29 Kendal Cowley, F30-34 Julie Quigley, F40-44 Jane Jones, F45-49 Erica Moser, F50-54 Leslie Gamble and Rosalie Swart, F55-59 Cindy Rhodes, F60-64 Laurelee Nelson, F65-59 Astrid Varga, F70-74 Diane Leonard, F75-79 Liz Borrett.

Male Winners:

M20-29 Brad Bickley, M30-34 Josh Heinrich, M35-39 Johannes Rath, M40-44 Robbie King, M45-49 Richard Dueck, M50-54 Sergio Pio, M55-59 Lance Zablotney, M60-64 Roly Muller, M65-69 Teddy Boyko, M70-74 Peter Benson, M75-79 Frank-J Reimer, M80-84 Guenter Naumann.


2017 series

November 20

We are just putting the finishing touches to next years calendar and plan on having it available by the end of this month. Please check back here shortly to plan your races for 2017!

Kal RATS host Steve King

November 04

The Kal RATS are hosting an evening with local legend Steve King on Tuesday the 8th November. The presnetation takes place at the Vernon Atrium hotel at 6:30pm, titled 'Attitudes, Inspirations and Possibilites. Further details and tickets are available on Zone4.


Larry Nicholas 9K

November 03

Full results are now available for the Larry Nicholas 9K as are the final series standing totals. Many thanks to all the clubs, volunteers and race directors for all the hours put in to make this series a success.


Larry Nicholas 9K

October 30

Provisional results for the Larry Nicholas 9K are now available. Many thanks to the Kelowna Running Club, the race director and all the volunteers for putting on this great event.



October 28

A copy to the agenda for this years AGM is now available. All are welcome to attend and contribute!


Kal Park 9K

October 27

Full results for the Kal Park race are now available including results for the 2.5K and the 5K, along with age graded scoring. Sign up now for the last race of the XC series, the Larry Nicholas Memorial 9K in Kelowna on the 30th October.

Following the Larry Nicholas race the IRA will be holding their AGM. All are welcome to attend and executive positions will be available for nomination. If you have ideas, enthusiam and want to support the local running community we would love to hear from you. Alongside this the runners of the year awards will be voted on, so please let your local club representative know of any individual who you would like to put forward.


Kal Park 9K

October 23

Provisional results for the Kal Park 9K are now available. Many thanks to the Kal Rats for hosting this event and to the race dircector and volunteers for making it happen.


Reino Run 8K

October 19

Full results for the Reino Run 8K are now available and cumulative series scoring has been updated. Sign up now for the next race in the XC series, the Kal Park 9K held on October 23rd in Vernon.


Quintuple Anvil

October 17

Huge congratulations to Vernon athlete Shanda Hill for winning the womens division and being the first Canadian female to complete the Quintuple Anvil in Richmond, Virginia; the equivalent of 5 Ironman triathlons. An outstanding performance, Shanda completed the event in 117 hours. Further details can be found here>


Reino Run 8K

October 16

Provisional results for the Reino Run 8K are now available. A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this race happen.


Summerland Sweets XC

October 2

Provisional results for the Summerland Sweets 7K XC are now available as are the results for the TriPower 3K XC. Many thanks to the Penticton Pounders for hosting such a great event.



September 29

The Interior Running Association will be holding its AGM on October 30 directly after the Larry Nicholas race in Kelowna. All runners and club members are invited to attend and contribute. Every year at the AGM we assign each of the executive positions; so if you would like to be involved in helping develop the running community and promoting the local clubs and series events please attend the AGM or let one of the current executive members know. The AGM is also the time when we plan the race calendar for the following year and hear proposals for possible new races. We also take nominations for the Runners of the Year Awards and the Heinrich Spiller Award of Courage. If you would like to have any input into these decisions now would be a great time to speak to your local running club representatives.


Campbell Mountain 9K

September 25

Provisional results for the Campbell Mountain 9K cross country race are now available. Many thanks to the race director and all the volunteers for putting on a great event. Any feedback on the new course this year, please let us know.


Larry Nicholas

September 20

The Kelowna running club are looking for volunteers to help out with the Larry Nicholas cross country race on October 30. If you are not planning on doing the race, please consider volunteering. You can sign up for avaiable volunteer positions oline here.


Okanagan Marathon

September 1

This year will mark the 22nd annual BMO Okanagan Marathon taking place on Thanksgiving Weekend (October 8 - 9) at City Park, Kelowna and along the beautiful waterfront.  The BMO Okanagan Family Festival Weekend includes a Marathon Run/Walk, Half Marathon Run/Walk, 10km Run, 5km Fun Run, and the ABC Kids Activity Centers and 1km Run. The BC Interior Chapter of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada is the designated charity for the BMO Okanagan Marathon, with other local charities also benefiting.

Over 300 volunteers in a variety of positions are needed to help make this weekend a success! All available volunteer positions are posted at:  okanaganmarathon.volunteerhub.com.  If you are available and would like to volunteer, please sign up! If you have any questions please contact the organisers at volunteer@okanaganmarathon.ca or 250-300-4188.


Hard Knox Challenge

August 15

Provisional results for the Hard Knox Challenge are now available. Results of the timed Knox Grid and the Monster Mile sections are also available.


Kamloops Half Marathon

July 27

Full results for the Kamloops Half Marathon are now available as are the updated series standings. Many thanks to all the volunteers and organisers who made this event possible.


Kamloops Half Marathon

July 24

Provisional results for the Kamloops Half Marathon are now available.


Midsummer 8K

July 6

Full results are now available for the Midsummer 8K. Thank you to all the volunteers for all your hard work putting on this event.

Top 3 females:

Cristy Lovig (29:07), Shannon Dale (30:53), Olivia Willett (31:45)

Top 3 males:

Brad Bickley (25:29), Clifford Childs (26:35), Nicholas Browne (27:43)


Fresh Air Midsummer 8K

July 3

Provisional results for the Fresh Air Midsummer 8K are now available. Many thanks to all the volunteers and to Kelowna Running Club for putting on a great event.

Up next in the Canadian Tire Road Race Series is the Kamloops Half Marathon on July 22. Please note that there are a number of distances taking place at that event and only the half marathon is part of the series and counts towards series standings. Online registration is now available.



June 28

The running phenomenon that is parkrun is taking off in Kelowna this summer. These are weekly free runs for all ages and abilities. For more information about the event please take a look at the attached press release.


Midsummer 8K

June 10

This years Midsummer 8K is hosting the BC 8K Championship and as such has some additional BC Athletics requirements. To be eligable for a provincial championship medal you have to hold a current membership of BC Athletics as a Junior, Master or Road and Trail Athlete. Further details are available on the BC Athletics website.


Blackwell Dairy 15K

May 31

Full results are now available for the Blackwell Dairy 15K. Thank you to all the volunteers for all your hard work.

Top 3 females:

Yvonne Timewell (1:05:21), Jessica Moon (1:07:26), Jackie Trautman (1:08:56)

Top 3 males:

Carmin Mazzotta (54:32), Josh Heinrich (57:02), Marcus Allen (57:32)


Comrades Marathon

May 30

Congratulations to Vernon runner and Interior Running Association Member at Large Rick Jenkner for completing this years Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Rick completed the 89K of the worlds largest and oldest ultramathon in 10:48. Way to go Rick!


Blackwell Dairy 15K

May 29

Provisional results for the Blackwell Dairy 15K are now available. Many thanks to the Kamloops Ridge Runners for putting on a great event.


Blossom 10 Miler

May 10

Full results are now available for the Blossom 10 Miler. Many thanks to the Race Director and volunteers for putting on a great event.

Top 3 females:

Christine Conibear (1:08:08), Yvonne Timewell (1:09:00), Cindy Rhodes (1:13:45)

Top 3 males:

Jesse Bauer (58:11), Hector Carlos (58:37), Josh Heinrich (59.01)


EK's Grill 5K

May 25

Full results are now available for the EK's Grill 5K. Many thanks to all the volunteers for putting on a great event.

Top 3 females:

Malindi Elmore (16:44), Christy Lovig (17:37), Erica Casey (18:49)

Top 3 males:

Brad Bickley (16:36), Luc Wittig (16:37), David Guss (16:56)


Blossom 10 Miler

May 8

Provisional results for the Blossom 10 Miler are now available.


London Marathon

May 7

Congratulations to local runner Christy Lovig of Kelowna for her London Marathon performance in April. Christy finished 18th overall woman in a time of 2:48:55.


Oliver 10K

April 15

Full results are now available for the Oliver 10K and 3K. Again many thanks to all the volunteers who make these events possible.

Top 3 females:

Cindy Rhodes (44:36), Marie-Josee Bedard (45:50), Erica Moser (47:11)

Top 3 males:

Josh Heinrich (36:03), David Matheson (36:14), Hector Carlos (36:18)


Oliver 10K

April 10

Provisional results for the Oliver 10K are now available. Many thanks to all the volunteers for putting together a great morning of running in Oliver.


Interior Running clothing

April 7

Interior Running Assoication branded clothing is going to be on sale at the Oliver 10K race. The clothing is similar to that received by series award winners in 2015, featuring our logo. Prices are as follows:

Singlets: $30

Long sleeve shirts: $30

Windbreakers: $60


Planning meeting

March 29

CORRECTION: The meeting will take place after the Blossom Ten Miler in Penticton, NOT the Oliver 10K.
The IRA executive and club reps are having a planning meeting immediately following the next race in the series, the Oliver 10K. These regular meetings are used to discuss, among other things, the promotion of the years events and local clubs, plus updates to the road and cross country series. All interested parties are invited to attend.


Road race course measurement

March 28

BC Athletics and the Vancouver International Marathon Society are holding a weekend seminar on road race course measurement. This seminar will instruct you on how to measure a course to internationally accepted standards, and prepare the documentation for certification. Full details are available here.


Further reading

March 25

Two interesting document have just been added to our Resource page, some suitable light reading for the long weekend. Firstly a Running Study of Millenials, and secondly a 5K Race Planning Guide.


Spring Run Off

March 6

Provisonal results for the Spring Run Off 10K in Kamloops are now available. Many thanks to the Kamloops Ridge Runners for hosting a great event and to all the volunteers who make these races possible.

Top 3 females:

Glynis Sim (40:05), Jackie Trautman (42:39), Alesha Miller (43:19)

Top 3 males:

Nathan Champness (33:40), Tony Kiprop (35:27), Kurt Behnsen (35:43)


Store move

February 23

One of our headline sponsors, The Starting Block in Vernon is relocating this weekend. The new location is only 400 feet from the current location and they are looking for a fun way to complete the move. If you are free at 9am on Sunday the 28th and would like to help out, they are hoping to form a bucket brigade, or more accurately, a shoe box brigade. The Starting Block has been a title sponsor of the cross-country series for many years and is always a keen supporter of the Interior Running Association and our events. If you're able to lend a hand on Sunday morning you'll get a sneak peak at their brand new store!!


Starting Block 10K

February 15

Provisional results are now available for the first race of the road race series, the Starting Block 10K. Age graded results will be added as soon as possible.

Top 3 females:

Heather Johnson (41:03), Virginia Sellars (41:51), Jane Jones (44:38)

Top 3 males:

Brad Bickley (33:18), Josh Heinrich (36:51), Greg Edgar (37:32)


Starting Block 10K

February 14

Congratulations to all who took part in the Starting Block 10K in Lavington this morning. A little chilly to get started but a fantastic race with an incredible selection of prizes to be won! Many thanks to the Race Director Kim Young, and all the volunteers and sponsors for putting on a great race to kick off this years series. Results will be posted here as soon as possible.


Starting Block 10K

January 12

Online sign-up is now open for the first race of the 2016 road race series; The Starting Block 10K. This year the event is on February the 14th and features a couples race, for those of you in need of a romatic event for the day.


Age group awards 2015

January 11

During 2015 the Interior Running Association executive reviewed the age group awards given to series winners. This was prompted by the increasing number of awards that are purchased and personalised only to never be collected. To make the process more efficient the executive agreed that the 2015 awards will include gift certificates to a number of local running stores; easier to personalise, and easier to distribute.

There has been a bit of a delay in getting this process completed. Eligible winners of the age groups in the road race series have already received their Timex watches, and eligible winners of the cross country series have already been sent their gift certificates. However, we are still in the process of distributing gift certificates to other award winners. We will be sending out gift certificates to those who placed 10 deep in the road race series age groups (must complete 4 races) and 5 deep in the cross country series age groups (must complete 3 races). We hope to have this process completed within the next week. If you still have not received your award by then or have any questions please contact us at awards@interiorrunningassociation.com.

We apologise for the delay in getting these awards distributed and shall be conducting a survey shortly to determine the preferred awards given and their scope.


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