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2004 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series
Female Scoring

Races of the IRA road race series, 2004
1Starting Block 10KFebruary 15
2Lakeside 5KMarch 7
3Spring Run Off 10KMarch 14
4Oliver 10KApril 4
5Blossom 10 MilerMay 9
6Blackwell Dairy 15KMay 30
7Coalmont to Princeton 18KJune 20
8Midsummer 8KJuly 11
9Grizzly Bear 12KJuly 25
10Raven Run 10KAugust 15
11Bike Barn 12KSeptember 5
12Peak to Beak 18KSeptember 19


Male results

Previous results:

  • 2003


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Final scoring

Competitors must complete five races to qualify for series awards and rankings. A maximum of seven races are counted towards a runner's point totals. Race directors (denoted as RD) receive twenty points for their race. Please contact results@interiorrunningassociation.com if there are any errors. Ties have not been resolved.

Final female scoring road race series, 2004
Age Cat.PlaceName123456789101112Total
F 00-151HALEY MORRIS3022303030142
F 16-191LAURA PROCE3025303030145
F 20-291JENNIFER WORK2522d16d1920d1825d1922d182230166
2KRYSTYNA ZABLOTNEY30202022202522159
3KERRI LANGd1620d15d16161820172020131
F 30-341CAREY PHILLIP30d20302025302525185
2YVONNE THOMSON201822222525132
3SANDRA BROCK181716d142219d151819129
F 35-391MICHELE ANDREWS20302522223030179
2DIANA ROBERTSON25d14d192230d1920252525172
3SARAH CLARK303030302525170
4SHELLEY RASHKE131411d101414121694
5DONNA RHYNOLDS9131012151877
F 40-441SUE RICHARDSON-SMITH30223030223030194
2CAROLINE RAINE252225193025146
3KIM CONNORSd1818201818222520141
4DEB LOUGHEED1930252525124
5LINDA HANSENd113d5d3d10181016171822114
6GAYLE WILSONd814181217161419110
7TRISH MARSHALL2020202222104
8KAREN HANSENd51016d91019131718103
9MARTHA BELICKAd6914d6917161620101
10SHERRY MALIGASPEd27d2d41791515162099
11DEBRA DUNHAM171019222088
F 45-491CINDY RHODES30303030303030210
2PAULINE HILLd14d15d1517d15d11162025202519142
3CHARLENE FAIRd141618d141920252218138
4DONNA MAZURKEWICH201725202530137
5ELAINE SAGER11d510d71819222017117
6LYNDA PROCE2525222520117
7PAT DANFORTH2522222222113
8JOANNE CAVANAGHd10d9d101011d41418191816106
9HOLLY COLQUHOUN172220191492
10ANNE CARROLL121214121363
F 50-541LAURELEE WELDERd30d30d30d303030303030d253030210
2BLANDINE BARITAUDd202020d192225202520152
3NANCY AGASSIZ2222202222d192019147
4IRENE HAWRYSH18d16171825171919133
5ROBYN ABEAR161619182089
6CAROLE WALKER151519171884
F 55-591JUDY WESTBROOK3030303030150
2WENDY MORTIMER19191822202230150
3LINDA WOODBURY222025253019141
4SUE ABBOTT2030252520120
F 60-641MIN RAYSONd3030303030303030210
2KATHLEEN YANKEd202525d20d222225252530177
3KAREN WILLIESd2222222225253022168
F 65-691MARGARET DELF30223022253025184
2BARB SAUNDERS303030303030180


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