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2005 news:



Nov 27

The executive will remain the same for 2006, Pauline Hill (president), Ron Sherk (vice), Ian Robertson (secretary) and Dan Kunzelman (treasurer). One new addition, Peter Pollhammer was appointed as a second vice president.


Thanks to Breakfast Club Catering for putting on a tasty and plentiful meal, the Head Band for the entertainment and to Dan for taking on the MC duties. Thanks as well to the sponsors for their generous door prize donations. (Fresh Air Experience, Runners Sole, The Starting Block, Peach City Runners, New Balance and Revelstoke Alpine Runners Club.)


Series Age Division Awards

Etched glass mugs were awarded ten deep to those runners who qualified by running at least five of the Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series races 2005 Series Scoring or three Fresh Air Experience Cross Country Series races, (which were awarded three deep). XC Scoring 2005.

Iron Legs

Road series Iron Legs awards for competing in all twelve races were presented to Mel Doherty, Pauline Hill, Sherri Mitchell, Gerry Naito, and Ron Sherk.

Cross country Iron Legs awards for competing in all five races were presented to Darlene Wood, Donna Mazurkewich, Wendy Schroeder, Michael Stoll, Gerry Naito, Vance Potter, Gar Chase, Mel Doherty, and Bruce Butcher.

Steel Legs

Mel Dorerty and Gerry Naito competed in all twelve road and all five cross country races. This is at least the umpteenth consecutive time that Mel has received this award!

2005 Runners of the Year

  • Female Sherry Maligaspe

Sherry competed in ten series races and directed two others. As a runner, Sherry never fails to make her presence on the course known! As well, she has always been at the fore of her club’s activities. Congratulations Sherry.

  • Male Ron Sherk

Ron competed in thirteen series races and directed one other. He also won his age division (something he's not likely to repeat again!) and learned a few things about running a web site (something he can only improve on!)

  • Heinrich Spiller Award of Courage

Judy Westbrook, who won her age division in spite of dealing with reoccurring bladder cancer and it’s treatment regime, is the recipient of this award for 2005. Best wishes for a full recovery Judy.


Kal Park Results & Final XC Series Scoring

Nov 13

Results for the final XC race of the season have been posted KalPark Results along with the five race (final) Cross Country scoring. XC Scoring 2005.

Congratulations to this year's Cross Country Iron Legs winners: Darlene Wood, Onna Stoll, Donna Mazurkewich, Wendy Schroeder, Michael Stoll, Gerry Naito, Vance Potter, Gar Chase, Mel Doherty, and Bruce Butcher. They competed in all five races.

And an extra congrats go to Mel Doherty and Gerry Naito this year's Legs of Steel winners having competed in all the races in both the Road and Cross Country Series.


Reino Keski-salmi memorial 10K Results

Nov 4

Results for the Reino Keski-Salmi Memorial 10K have been posted.

I am working on the scoring for the first four XC races and hope to have that posted later today. I will also be posting the age-graded results for the Summerland XC asap. Congratulations go to Shirley Gray and Trevor Haaheim as overall age-graded winners in Summerland.


Larry Nicholas and Summerland X Country Results

Oct 30

Results for the Larry Nicholas and Summerland cross country runs have been posted.

Webguy became an RD for the first time for the Summerland run. And, thanks to the volunteers, everything went smoothly. Special thanks to John Boot for the use of his property. Big thanks too to Jean King for providing her time-keeping expertise.

There were a couple of tumbles, including the nasty nose scraper that Willis did. Good on ya Sherry and Linda for sticking with him back to the finish line. Luckily his wounds are all superficial but he will be looking rather battered for a while.

The next and final race of the season goes next Sunday, November 6th, in Kal Park.

Web page update email notices

Oct 26

If you would like to be notified by email when something new is posted to this web page please send me an email results@interiorrunningassociation.com Just put 'web page email' as the subject and leave the body of the message blank.

I don't yet have results for the Salmon Arm and Kelowna trail runs.


Summerland XC Awards

Oct 26

Summerland Sweets jellied fruit candies will be awarded three deep in the ten year age categories at this Sunday's Summerland trail run. I also have two bottles of local product that will be awarded to the overall age-graded male and female winners. Age grading is simply multiplying the finishing times by an age related factor. The tables start at age 35 with a factor of .99 and at age 83 (and Willis will be entering) the factor is .61. I am considering including an age graded results column for all races with next years results.


Campbell Mt. X Country Results

Oct 19

Results for the Campbell Mountain X Country have been posted.

I haven't yet received the results for the Reino Keski-Salmi Memorial 10K.

Hope to have them soon though.

Next race in the series is the Larry Nicholas, October 23rd.


Peak to Beak Photos

Sept 20

This note from Lorne White at the Courier

Just to let you know photos from the Peak to Beak can be viewed on our website: Kelowna Daily Courier

Click at the top right hand corner of the main page. Click on Champions sports pictures . . Click on September album. Click on Peak to Beak album . . .

Best regards,
Lorne White
Kelowna Daily Courier

Check them out - a great bunch of race pics. Thanks Lorne.


Unofficial' final series scoring.

Sept 19

Final scoring totals for the series has been posted. Use the link to the left or here. 2005 Series Scoring.

The last two races were scored manually by editing the ten race scoring totals. I would like to re do the scoring procedure on all twelve races prior to posting official final results. To the best of my knowledge though, these posted results are correct.

Please verify your scores and advise me of any errors Thanks.

Congratulations to Pauline Hill, Sherri Mitchell, Gerry Naito, Melvin Doherty ... and the web guy, on completing all twelve races. Special WOW! to Mel who has completed 152 consecutive series races!!


Peak to Beak 18K Results

Sept 18

Results for the Peak to Beak 18K have been posted.

Arguably the most challenging race in the series, the Peak to Beak certainly has the most variation. Thanks to the Kelowna Running Club, the volunteers and the sponsors ... and the weatherman!

Congratulations to Graeme Wilson, of Vancouver, who set a new course record of 1:02:13.


Bike Barn 12K Results

Sept 11

Results for the Bike Barn 12K have been posted.

Cool and cloudy made for ideal running conditions for the eleventh race of the series. Thanks to the volunteers, the sponsors and the Pounders for another successful race.

The Peak to Beak is the last race of the series and goes next Sunday, Sept 18th.

The scoring results will be updated this week prior to the Peak to Beak. If you're competing in the series please take a moment and check that your scoring is correct. (2005 Series Scoring.) If you have been entered under a slightly different spelling of your name in any of the races the scoring process would calculate two scores for the two names. Unless the incorrect spelling is noticed the race for that spelling would be eliminated as only runners with at least four races to date are will be shown in the scoring results. Thanks.

The Kamloops Ridge Runners are celebrating their 25th anniversay on November 5th and asked that the following be posted.


November 5th 2005 …

Is "the" evening to come out and celebrate the KRR's 25th Anniversary.

It is expected to be the largest and riotous event put on by the KRR.

Come enjoy a spectacular dinner, fun filled dancing, featured speakers and a night of reminiscing at the TRU Grand Hall

Music by Brett McLeod.

A challenge has been put out to all KRR members to come up with at least one past KRR member, to come and join the festivities.

Tickets can be purchased from: Jud Thompson, Allison Stewart, Jasper Willisko, Mike Thomas, Rick Cameron or John Moon.



Raven Run 10K Results

Aug 14

Results for the Raven Run 10K have been posted.

A picture perfect day in scenic Salmon Arm to run a some what ugly course ... OK make that a real ugly course ... terrain wise I mean. I say the Raven is the toughest course in the series. Did like all the shade through the uphills though. Thanks to the Hillrunners (and they certainly are aptly named), the volunteers and the sponsors for another great series race.

The next race in the series is the Bike Barn 12K in Penticton September 11th.


Grizzly Bear 12K Results

July 24

Results for the Grizzly Bear 12K have been posted.

A pleasant countryside amble ... for the most part, on a not too hot day. Thanks to Jarrett and his crew for a job well done! The longest drive for the majority of series runners but a race not to be missed.

The next race in the series is the Raven Run 10K, in Salmon Arm August 14.


Midsummer 8K Results

July 20

Results for the Mid Summer 8K have been posted.

Near perfect conditions for this 'flattest of the flat' race. Thanks to the Kelowna Running Club, the volunteers and the sponsors.

See you in Revelstoke next Sunday.

The entry form for the Bike Barn 12k has been posted.


Peach City Runners Coalmont to Princeton Results

June 13

Results for the Coalmont to Princeton have been posted.

Cloudy, and cooler than usual, along with a tailwind made for ideal conditions for running this course. Thanks to the Tulameen Sports Club, the sponsors and volunteers for putting on a great race. And a special thanks to the Princeton 4H Club for the unlimited food - pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon!

And congratulations to the dozen Coalmont finishers who also participated in the KVR 27K on Saturday. Results for that race and the combined 'Leather Legs' division can be found at KVR 27K Race

The next race in the series is the Midsummer 8K, July 10th and don't forget you can tune up for that one by entering the Peachland Beach Run on July 1st.


Scoring updated

June 11

Scoring totals for the first six races has been posted. Use the link to the left or here. 2005 Series Scoring.

Regarding scoring, please let me know should you notice a misspelling or typo of your name in any of the upcoming race results. If left uncorrected during the scoring process, it results in two partial scores for the same person. Please also ensure that you always use the same first name when filling out the entry forms. Thanks.

A map of the Midsummer 8K route has been added to the Entry Forms column.


Blackwell Dairy 15K Results

May 29

Results for the Blackwell Dairy 15K have been posted.

A beaut of a day for running a most enjoyable course ... right!!? Thanks to the Ridge Runners, sponsors and volunteers for making it all happen.


Peach City Runners Blossom 10 Miler Results

May 9

Results for the Peach City Runners Blossom 10 Miler have been posted.

We had a great turnout for what started out looking like a wet day!

The results not being posted on race day were due to the web server making some changes to our site. I couldn't access the site and only got it straightened out with their tech support the following morning. It's my intent to always, at the very least, do my 'quick and simple' and post the results on this page on race day.

With the first four race scoring I overlooked a new rule for 2005. Race directors are to be awarded twenty points for the race they direct. This so they are not penalized in the series for taking on the task. I'll make those corrections when I next update the scoring.

The next race in the series is the Blackwell Dairy 15K, May 29.


2004 Cross Country Series Results

April 6

Some have asked about last year's final XC results which were missing from the archive. The file has been there all along (thanks to Ken) but the link to it somehow went missing (thanks to Ron?). It's now back available where it should be in the archive/2004 or here.

2004 Cross Country Series final results


Oliver Photo Lab 10K Results

April 3

Results for the Oliver Photo Lab 10K have been posted.

The next race in the series is the Peach City Runners Blossom 10 Miler, May 8th.


Kamloops Spring Run-Off 10K Correction

March 31

Regarding the 'wrong way' incident the number of affected runners has been lowered from 30 to 15. The 30 number was my assumption which I incorrectly based on gaps in the final times.

Entry forms for the Midsummer 8K (entry) are now available


Kamloops Spring Run-Off 10K

March 20

Results for the Spring Run-Off 10K have been posted.

Unfortunately approximately 15 runners, with final times somewhere between 1:00:00 and 1:01:00, went the wrong way, resulting in an increase of as much as four minutes to their times. A comment from the IRA executive can be found on the results page. It is felt that no changes can be made to the finish line times.

Entry forms for the Blossom 10 Miler (Entry) are now available


Penticton Lakeside Resort 5K

March 13

Results for the Penticton Lakeside 5K have been posted. A strong turnout and fabulous day made for a great race. (Nice job on the soup too!) Thanks to race directors Bruce and Jeanne and all the volunteers.

A reminder that the Spring Run Off 10K goes next Sunday, March 20th.


The Starting Block 10K Photos

March 2

Lorne White of the Kelowna Daily Courier advises that race photos are available for viewing and purchase at Champions (Sports) Photos. At this site select the February link and locate the page with the Starting Block pictures. Without the above link go to www.kelownadailycourier.ca and follow the links from the home page. You may wish to bookmark this site as Lorne will be taking photos at other Series races as well.


The Starting Block 10K results

February 13

Results for the The Starting Block 10K have been posted. The weather was favourable and the slippery conditions of last year were not a factor. Thanks to the Kal Rats crew for a great race!

The race schedule booklets are out and should be available at the usual locations this week.


2005 Schedule

January 7

Welcome to 2005 and the start of another running year. The 2005 road race schedule has been finalized and is available for viewing using the link to the left. There are only minor schedule changes over last year, with four races being moved a week earlier or later. Note too, a new start time for the Coalmont to Princeton in the hopes of a somewhat cooler run. Expect the series booklets to be available at (or before) the first race.

One major change for 2005 involves this site. After five years of very committed service Ken Manning, will not be available to serve as webmaster. Ken will be using his weekends to promote a series of books that he has recently written.

Hats off to Ken for the fantastic job he did in always being so prompt in getting the results posted and for attending all the races whether he was competing or not. And best of luck Ken in your newest endeavour, hopefully you'll be able to run a few races too.

Your new webmaster (better make that webguy - as of this date I have one day of web experience!) will attempt to match the standard Ken has set. Wish me luck!

Lavington looms! Best wishes for a successful 2005 season to all series participants.


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