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Larry Nicholas 9K - 2006

IRAXC #3 on 2006/10/22


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Larry Nicholas 9K, 2006
OverallNameAge CatTimeHome TownPoints
1Trevor Haaheim1st M 30-3932:12:00Kelowna30
2Stephen Lowcy1st M 20-2932:55:00Vernon30
3Tom Mitchie2nd M 20-2933:39:00Kelowna25
4Gary Wade2nd M 30-3935:01:00Kelowna25
4Martin McMahon1st M 40-4935:01:00Kelowna30
6Adam Elliot3rd M 20-2935:21:00Kelowna22
7Mike Champigny4th M 20-2935:29:00Vernon20
8Jessica Solymosi1st F 20-2935:33:00Vernon30
9Chad Ulansky3rd M 30-3935:49:00Kelowna22
10Glen Bond4th M30-3936:11:00Silver Star20
11Ben Bruch5th M 30-3936:56:00Kelowna19
12Magnus Aaserud5th M 20-2937:37:00Westbank19
13Murray Flock1st M 50-5937:51:00Vernon30
14Ted Swan6th M 20-2938:03:00Vernon18
15Mike Delorme2nd M 40-4938:05:00Kelowna25
16Darryl Spencer3rd M 40-4938:21:00Kelowna22
17Abbigail May1st F 30-3938:25:00Salmon Arm30
18Meriam Green2nd F 30-3938:35:00Nelson25
19Jarrett Spannier6th M 30-3938:46:00Revelstoke18
20Steve Briggeman4th M 40-4939:01:00Vernon20
21Will Pratt7th M 20-2939:04:00Penticton17
22Brian Schroeder2nd M 50-5939:09:00Penticton25
23Dean Robertson5th M 40-4939:10:00Vernon19
24Aart Van Kooy7th M 30-3939:15:00Peachland17
25Jordan Sim6th M 40-4939:18:00Kamloops18
26Neil Macdonald7th M 40-4939:20:00Penticton17
27Melissa Spooner3rd F 30-3939:31:00Vernon22
28Warren Bell8th M 30-3939:32:00Vernon16
29Mark Fromberg3rd M 50-5940:25:00Kelowna22
30John Koga8th M 40-4940:42:00Kelowna16
31Matt Baumeister1st M U2040:44:00Vernon30
32Dirk Handke9th M 40-4940:51:00Kelowna15
33Shannon Thompson2nd F 20-2940:54:00Kelowna25
34Gerry Breneman4th M 50-5640:56:00Vernon20
35Andy Fancy3rd F 20-2940:57:00Silver Star22
36Tricia Martin1st F 40-4941:06:00Salmon Arm30
37Stan Sabourin9th M 30-3941:52:00Summerland15
38Dave Wilkins10th M 40-4941:52:00Kelowna14
39Tracie Green4th F 30-3942:11:00Kelowna20
40Jenny Ayers2nd F 40-4942:13:00Penticton25
41Sean Williams10th M 30-3942:27:00Vernon14
42Jens Jacobsen11th M 40-4942:36:00Kelowna13
43Brock Busby12th M 40-4942:41:00Kelowna12
44Chris Charbonneau5th M 50-5942:54:00Kelowna19
45Kathryn Lund4th F 20-2943:06:00Kelowna20
46Clint Rashke13th M 40-4943:14:00Kelowna11
47Dianna Robertson5th F 30-3944:00:00Vernon19
48Donna Mazurkewich3rd F 40-4944:16:00Penticton22
49Ed Kinnear6th M 50-5944:27:00Vernon18
49Chrys Bell7th M 50-5944:27:00Vernon17
51Ashlee Robinson5th F 20-2944:31:00Kelowna19
52Pat Amundsen8th M 50-5944:45:00Summerland16
53Bill Stephens1st M 60-6945:27:00Kelowna30
54Jen Work6th F 30-3945:39:00Kelowna18
55John O'Brien9th M 50-5945:54:00Kelowna15
56Nicole Briggs6th F 20-2946:33:00Silver Star18
57Melvin Doherty
10th M 50-5946:39:00Kamloops14
58Pat Couch1st F 50-5946:48:00Vernon30
59Rebecca Tyson7th F 30-3947:07:00Kelowna17
60Barb Lawson4th F 40-4947:08:00Kelowna20
61Allison Dick1st F U2047:35:00Penticton30
62Emma Lujan2nd F U2047:36:00Penticton25
63Shirley Gray1st F 60-6947:51:00Penticton30
63Rowena Tansley7th F 20-2947:51:00Penticton17
65Heather Hendricks8th F 20-2947:59:00Kelowna16
66Keith Burton11th M 50-5948:02:00Kelowna13
67Leyla Johnson8th F 30-3948:44:00Vernon16
68Greg Johnson11th M 30-3948:44:00Vernon13
69Pauline Hill2nd F 50-5949:20:00Vernon25
70Lonis Stupar2nd M 60-6949:51:00Kelowna25
71Ian Flock2nd M U2049:52:00Vernon25
72Wendy Schroeder3rd F 50-5950:10:00Vernon22
73Debra Dunham5th F 40-4951:54:00Penticton19
74Rod Lawson12th M 50-5952:53:00Kelowna12
75Sandra MacDonald6th F 40-4952:55:00Enderby18
76Lauren Mattiussi9th F 20-2953:04:00Penticton15
77Adele Neuder9th F 30-3953:17:00Grand Forks15
77Dana Riester7th F 40-4953:17:00Grand Forks17
79Alison Lujan3rd F U2053:53:00Penticton22
80Doug Elmore13th M 50-5955:16:00Kelowna11
81Kathryne Flannery4th F 50-5955:18:00Kamloops20
82Stan Gray14th M 50-5955:32:00Penticton10
83Bruce Butcher1st M 70-7956:48:00Kamloops30
84Debbie Kinnear5th F 50-5956:49:00Vernon19
85Yvonne Stupar8th F 40-491:00:37Kelowna16
86Robert Mayne3rd M 60-691:01:07Penticton22
87Kathleen Yanke2nd F 60-691:01:10Salmon Arm25
88Annette Jones9th F 40-491:04:27Kelowna15
88Mary Francis Boon1st F 70-791:04:27Kelowna30


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