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2007 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series
Female Scoring

Races of the IRA road race series, 2007
1Starting Block 10KFebruary 11
2Summerland Centennial HalfFebruary 25
3Lakeside 5KMarch 11
4Spring Run Off 10KMarch 18
5Oliver 10KApril 1
6Blossom 10 MilerMay 13
7Blackwell Dairy 15KMay 27
8Coalmont to Princeton 18KJune 10
9Midsummer 8KJuly 8
10Grizzly Bear 12KJuly 22
11Raven Run 10KAugust 19
12Bike Barn 10KSeptember 9
13Beach to Beak 18KSeptember 23


Male results

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Final scoring

Competitors must complete five races to qualify for series awards and rankings. A maximum of seven races are counted towards a runner's point totals. Race directors (denoted as RD) receive twenty points for their race. Please contact results@interiorrunningassociation.com if there are any errors. Ties have not been resolved.

Correction made October 21. Debra Dunham (F45-49) has five races, (one as RD) and should have been included in the initial scoring.

Correction made November 15. Sandy Wike and Elaine Sager (F50-54) have identical scores. The tie had been incorrectly resolved and their placings have now been switched.

Final female scoring road race series, 2007
Age CatName12345678910111213Total# scoredAvg Pts/Race
F 20-29SHANNON THOMPSON3030253030145529.0
F 30-34TRACIE GREEN25302530222530187726.7
MARTHA SIRDEVAN3022222530129525.8
MERRILL LIVESEY2219192520105521.0
LEYLA JOHNSON131918121825105617.5
F 35-39MANDY SELLARS222525252522253025180724.9
ROBIN LEVANT172020202022221920144720.0
TINA GRAHAM18141312151587614.5
DARLENE WOOD161717161783516.6
ANGI SAVENYE151617171580516.0
F 40-44SUE RICHARDSON-SMITH252220253020223025179724.3
CAROLINE RAINE303030222530167627.8
DEBBIE TAYLOR16171716141022181520221625141717.5
DEB LOUGHEED222025201922128621.3
LINDA HANSEN974181957511.2
F 45-49DONNA MAZURKEWICH25252219253020252530185724.6
SHERRY SIM20202017191925251922151720.6
CINDY TOLLEY122519203030136622.7
SHERRY MALIGASPE10158142612202218111712.7
DEBRA DUNHAM161715RD 201886517.2
RUTH SCHULTZ9141116454510.8
F 50-54CINDY RHODES303030303030303030210730.0
LAURELEE WELDER25253025252525180725.7
LYNDA PROCE30222218202225252220168722.6
JOANNE MONTGOMERY111218251922223022158720.1
PAULINE ULATOWSKI19171620171819191922191922140718.9
KATHRYNE FLANNERY151519141720201719127717.3
WENDY HENLY20171815161818122717.4
CAROL CHISHOLM1413101510814171519161218114713.9
SANDY WIKE181619202295519.0
ELAINE SAGER17131616181595615.8
MARIA BROWN141412172077515.4
LINDA CONRAD1211812952510.4
F 55-59ASTRID VARGA3030303030303030210730.0
JACQUIE BIRD3020252219116523.2
MARGRET KAROW2020182525108521.6
JANET RHODDY1919182225103520.6
F 60-64DIANE LEONARD302530302525303030205728.3
KATHLEEN YANKE25302230221922182230252520187723.9
KAREN WILLIES22222520252222158722.6
LINDA WOODBURY202219253019222019158721.8
F 65-69PATRICIA KIDD3030303025145529.0
AGNES HANSEL2525223030132526.4


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