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2007 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series
Male Scoring

Races of the IRA road race series, 2007
1Starting Block 10KFebruary 11
2Summerland Centennial HalfFebruary 25
3Lakeside 5KMarch 11
4Spring Run Off 10KMarch 18
5Oliver 10KApril 1
6Blossom 10 MilerMay 13
7Blackwell Dairy 15KMay 27
8Coalmont to Princeton 18KJune 10
9Midsummer 8KJuly 8
10Grizzly Bear 12KJuly 22
11Raven Run 10KAugust 19
12Bike Barn 10KSeptember 9
13Beach to Beak 18KSeptember 23


Male results

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Final scoring

Competitors must complete five races to qualify for series awards and rankings. A maximum of seven races are counted towards a runner's point totals. Race directors (denoted as RD) receive twenty points for their race. Please contact results@interiorrunningassociation.com if there are any errors. Ties have not been resolved.

Correction made Oct 7. John Wickenheiser (M50-54) and Kyle Sunderman (M35-39) were not previously scored for the Beach to Peak.

Correction made Nov 16. Jack Wessel (M54-59) was moved to second spot to correctly reflect his point total standing.

Final male scoring road race series, 2007
Age CatName12345678910111213Total# scoredAvg Pts/Race
M 20-29HANS AABYE30303030303030303030303025210729.6
M 30-34GREG JOHNSON30303030303030303025210729.5
ADAM ELLIOT3025252522127525.4
M 35-39JARRETT SPANNIER3020203020 RD302025175725.0
STEVE FAIRHURST2522252225302222171724.1
KYLE SUNDERMAN2212151819172217130717.9
MICHAEL STOLL3025192225121524.2
WARREN ASUCHAK171817252097519.4
GREG YANKE201619172092518.4
M 40-44DIRK HANDKE30251918223030252530252522195725.1
SERGIO PIO3030303030150530.0
MICHAEL KASCAK25192220222517150721.4
CLINT RASHKE1817191922202018136719.1
DON TAYLOR12151013151317171817181814120715.2
NEIL MACDONALD2220252220109521.8
MIKE THOMAS161416182084516.8
M 45-49IVAN MCKNIGHT192219222525223025171723.2
STEVE BRIGGEMAN20301920252525164723.4
JORDAN SIM1922181822191922222222151720.5
RORY SWITZER3030303030150530.0
FRED VAN DER GAAG3025302522132526.4
JENS JACOBSEN1414151416201720116716.3
KIM YOUNG131513181613141520111715.2
VANCE POTTER101161410911131418161417106712.5
BILL RAINE14981115191715100713.5
LANCE ZABLOTNEY171716161985517.0
GERRY NAITO161612131875515.0
KELLY CORFIELD371015134859.6
M 50-54MIKE BRAID22302020252522164723.4
BILL HEAD2519222520222220156721.9
JOHN WICKENHEISER161819253025133622.2
JOHN CHISHOLM141917201519191719181818132717.8
PATRICK AMUNDSEN131816191318181819191919131717.4
BRENT SMITH182218251922124620.7
DALE WARD11151210161416161418109714.2
CHRIS SWAYZE2022202020102520.4
BILL SPILL121714141168513.6
RON ETHIER9715151359511.8
M 55-59LEO RANKIN3025303025253020253030205727.3
JACK WESSEL303020 RD252525155627.0
MELVIN DOHERTY20191920192220251719161920146719.6
KEITH BURTON19201818181517192219135718.5
DAN ROBSON3030223022134526.8
RICK CAMERON1820 RD1720 RD221818133719.0
GERRY BRENEMAN2522192030116523.2
PAUL FILIPPIRD 2022252520112523.0
DAVID GRAHAM161819161714100616.7
M 60-64DUNCAN MORRIS253025222225252530185725.4
BILL FAULKNER2020202020223022222530171722.8
ALAN MACLEOD19252218192220222520201925161721.2
TOM REED17221718181720129718.4
BRIAN MACDONALD16201614161717116716.6
BILL GLOVER181916171919108618.0
KARL MARTIN141418201884516.8
M 65-69JUD THOMPSON3030302530303030210729.4
PAUL KNELLWOLF3030253030302525200728.1
BILL STEPHENS25302522252225174724.9
FRED VAN SETERS2019201925191819141719.9
ROBERT MAYNE221922202022125620.8
BLAINE MACPHERSON2522252222116523.2
M 70-74ROY DAGNEAU303030303030303030210730.0
BRUCE BUTCHER252020222525302530182724.7
BILL FUHRMEISTER221920222522130621.7


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