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2008 news:


Interior Running Association History

December 7, 2008

Bill Stephens has written a history of the IRA. Use the link to the right or the pdf version here. Thanks Bill.

The 2009 race schedule can be accessed with the link to the upper left.

Also ol' Saint Dirk has posted pictures from yesterday's Santa Shuffle in Kelowna. Somebody feed that Santa!


Some statistics and such

December 6, 2008

Canadian Tire Road Series Participation 2001-2008

The Starting Block Cross Country Series Participation 2004-2008

Road Series Attendance by Race

Cross Country Attendance by Race

Road Series Participation by Region

Road Series Participation by Age Category

Only For Those Who Really Like Statistics


AGM and Banquet Update

November 17, 2008

Seventy plus attended Saturday night's banquet in Salmon Arm ... possibly a record turnout? Thanks to Pat, Sue, Rob and the rest of the Shuswap Hillrunners for a top notch job! And thanks to all that attended including those that did the distance in coming from Williams Lake and Princeton!

The 2008 Runners of the Year are Kathry ne Flannery and Ellis Andrews. Other nominees were Dan Crockett, Mel Doherty, Debra Dunham, and Cindy Rhodes. Toni Crockett is the recipient of the Heinrich Spiller Award of Courage.

Legs of Steel awards, for completing all thirteen road series races, and all five cross country races, were presented to Mel Doherty, Kathryne Flannery, and Dirk Handke. That's the second year in a row that Dirk has received this award and for Mel the umpteenth!! Iron Legs awards, for completing all of the road series races, went to Garry Bell, Mel Doherty, Kathryne Flannery, Dirk Handke and Kathleen Yanke. In addition to the Legs of Steel winners already mentioned, the cross country Iron Legs awards went to Chuck Abney, Mel Hunt, Audrey Kilmartin, and Vance Potter.

Jarrett has stepped down from the president's position he's held for the past two years although he will continue to assist with some of his previous duties. Thanks for so ably taking on the position Jarrett. Sherry Magalispe has accepted the president position. The remainder of the executive remains the same with the treasurers postion vacant. If you can count past umpteen and have some of the tight-fistedness of our previous treasurer please apply!

The Lakeside 5K will join the Spring Run Off and Midsummer, as Timex series races, with Timex providing watch prizes for these races.

The date of the Summerland Centennial Half has been changed to the Sunday of the August long weekend. (August 2, 2009) This is two weeks after the Grizzly and two weeks before the Raven Run. Touques and mitts no longer required! The Half will also be run in the reverse direction, which offers a flat first mile, downgrades on the steepest short hills, as well as some traffic advantages. The discussion of races included comments, from those attending, that the old Bike Barn 12K course was preferred over the double Lakeside course that has been used for the past two years. The Penticton Pounders would like to hear from anyone who would care to comment on their preference of courses for that race.

The IRA will be looking into electronic race timing (non chip) options and along with that the advantages of on-line race registrations to lessen manual registration entry. We will also be doing more to promote the series and individual races with particular emphasis on the lesser attended races. Annual road series entries for 2008 were up slightly over 2007, with the Midsummer showing the biggest increase, and the Coalmont to Princeton the biggest decrease.

Road Series Attendance

Cross Country Attendance

Dirk has posted his Trestle Run pictures.


Five Race XC Age Category Scoring

November 5, 2008

The Starting Block 2008 XC Women's Final Scoring

The Starting Block 2008 XC Men's Final Scoring


Kal Park Results

November 3, 2008

Kal Park results

Kal Park pictures.


Kal Park is now race #5 of 5 in The Starting Block XC series

October 28, 2008

The Kal Park Cross Country 9.5K goes this Sunday, November 2nd at 10:00 AM Standard Time in Vernon. Forget to set your clock back and you'll arrive with lots of time to spare. Those coming from Summerland and south will need that extra hour and more for travel. CHBC news had an article on the various backroad routes and it's available for viewing on-line.

The cross country series scoring, will be based on a minimum of three races and a maximum of four, as it was with last year's five race series. It's unfortunate that some runners will not get three races because of the cancellation of last week's Summerland race.

The Kumsheen Rafting day trip, intended as a draw prize for Summerland, will be drawn for at Kal Park.

And all us procrastinators will get our request for banquet tickets in the mail this week!!


Summerland XC cancelled due to highway closure

October 25, 2008

The following from Arthon Construction's web site. As there are no alternative dates free, in November, we have made the decision to cancel the race for 2008.

FRIDAY, OCT. 25, 2008
Highway 97 is closed until further notice between Summerland and Peachland. A large amount of Unstable Rock has shifted in place and presents significant safety concerns for passing vehicles below. (air photo - Feb. 2008)

UPDATE: SAT. 10:00 am.
This looks to be a long closure.... several days at a minimum. The fissure opened up high on the mountain is several feet wide and perhaps 30 feet deep. Rough estimates are that 300,000 cubic metres of material are moving.

The rock fractures and slip points extend well beyond the project limits, outside of Arthon's work areas. The amount involved is significant and is being evaluated by Ministry of Transportation Geotechnical Engineers for stability and safety.


Larry Nicholas Memorial XC 9K Results

October 19 , 2008

Age category results and awards on race day where done using ten year age increments. Five year increments should have been used, however, the race day awards will not be changed. The posted results show five year increments.

Overall Results

Women Only Results

Pictures for both the Kelowna Marathon and the Larry Nicholas have been posted.

Also this link to Lorne White's Kelowna Courier, Larry Nicholas pictures.


Kelowna, Victoria and Portland Marathons

October 19 , 2008

A look at Interior runners results for last Sunday's marathons. Top ten finishers results below. Links to complete Interior results - with apologizes to anyone missed.

Kelowna Marathon Kelowna Half Marathon Victoria Marathon Victoria Half Marathon

This link to full results for both events.



Top 10 Interior Finishers Okanagan International Marathon and Half
Marathon Half Marathon
Gillian MoodyF30-392:55:47KelownaTom MichieM20-291:15:29Kelowna
Matthew BrassardM20-293:02:32KamloopsHans AabyeM30-391:16:14Merritt
Sean LawrenceM30-393:17:24KelownaSergio PioM40-491:18:13Penticton
Jordan SimM40-493:17:39KamloopsJustin BirksM20-291:23:00Penticton
Brad CochraneM40-493:18:29PentictonJonas TuckerM30-391:24:57Kamloops
Weibel Petersen SorenM20-293:20:17SummerlandKathleen WoodF30-391:26:43Kelowna
Christopher PooliM20-293:22:34KamloopsJarrett SpannierM30-391:26:54Revelstoke
Thomas OverwaterM30-393:25:55KelownaCory ForrestM30-391:27:35Kelowna
Brian HenningM40-493:26:40KamloopsShannon ThompsonF20-291:27:43Kelowna
Chris CochraneM394663:26:57PentictonLori YoudellF40-491:28:38Vernon


Top 10 Interior Finishers Royal Victoria Marathon and Half
Marathon Half marathon
Trevor HaaheimM35-392:39:52KelownaJack MillerM60-641:26:01Cache Creek
Brian MayM35-392:53:35Salmon ArmAbbigail MayF35-391:27:47Salmon Arm
Martin McMahonM40-442:55:59KelownaPascal SutherlandM30-341:32:36Kelowna
Rory SwitzerM45-492:56:45KelownaBrad WilliamsonM20-241:35:02Kamloops
Tom CarlsonM45-493:04:57KelownaLindsay WilliamsonF20-241:36:09Kamloops
Cindy RhodesF50-543:09:27KelownaMelinda WilliamsonF45-491:36:12Kamloops
Patrick GableM40-443:09:43KelownaNelson CollinsM40-441:36:37Coldstream
Randy WergerM45-493:16:05KelownaJason MacKenzieM35-391:37:01Penticton
Ralf PagenkopfM40-443:17:16KelownaEmma LujanF<191:38:29Penticton
Philip CarruthersM40-443:18:12VernonEsther LauridsenF40-441:39:50Kelowna


Full Results for Oct 5th Portland Marathon


Portland Marathon Interior Results
Ellis AndrewsM60-643:37:23Penticton
Scott HemenwayM40-443:43:19Enderby
Leanne KarpukF40-444:15:39Penticton
Paula McGrawF40-445:12:37Penticton


Cross Country Series Three Race Scoring

October 18 , 2008

Age category scoring for the first three races in The Starting Block Cross Country Series. Scoring is based on a minimum of three races to a maximum of four in the five race series. There is no age-graded scoring with the XC series. Please check your scores. As the computer is not used for the XC series, name misspellings from manual entry are common. If not corrected these result in two entries for the same person.

Women's XC series three race scoring

Men's XC series three race scoring


Banquet and AGM

October 9 , 2008

The banquet and dance will take place November 15th at The Field House, at Little Mountain sports field, 250 30th St., Salmon Arm. (map) Full info and ticket purchase form here. Please don't leave your ticket purchases until last minute. The Hill Runners would appreciate knowing attendance numbers prior to the end of the month. Thanks.

Please make banquet ticket cheques ($30) payable to the Shuswap Hillrunners. Please note too, that the address shown in the info pdf has been changed to the address above.

This message from the IRA secretary.

The IRA executive would like to remind all clubs that the AGM is open for anyone who wants to participate and join in any discussion that they may have compliments or concerns of the races this year. We would like to see at least one person from each club at the AGM.

The executive would also like to see everyone at the Salmon Arm Banquet on Nov 15th. This is not just about awards it is about a celebration of the great year of running and to have some fun. So please join us. We would like to put a challenge out to all clubs to see which club has the most members at the Banquet.

See everyone there
Ian Robertson


Campbell Mountain XC results

October 5 , 2008

Women only results

Overall Results


Reino Keski-Salmi, Race #2 in The Starting Block XC Series

October 3 , 2008

Thanks to Dave Wallensteen and his crew for their efforts in putting on another successful run on the Larch Hills ski trails. And thanks to the The Starting Block in Vernon for their continued sponsorship of our six race trail series and the draw prizes they provide for each race. Overall and women's results for the Reino Keski-Salmi have been posted. Congratulations to Trevour Haaheim and Shannon Thompson for their top spot finishes. Trevor was five for five in overall wins in the 2006 XC series and three for five last year. (And thanks to Trevor for pointing out my prior mistake, in the previous sentence, where I'd first said he was five for five last year.)

Race #3, goes this Sunday, October 5th, at 10:00 AM on Campbell Mt. (map) in Penticton. Day of race registration only. Cost $8 which includes the $3 BCA insurance for non members.


Peak to Beak Results

September 21, 2008

A slightly less than perfect day weather-wise but certainly sunshine on all the faces Dirk captured, as we wrapped up another road series with a great turnout in this year’s Peak to Beak. Thanks to the Kelowna Running Club, the volunteers, and sponsors who made it possible.

A special thanks to Dirk Handke for all the time he’s spent on taking, cropping and posting pictures all season, not just with us, but anywhere he could sniff a sneaker! He ran the P2B, camera in hand, for a unique perspective of the ever changing landscape on this course. Great job Dirk!

Skeets Morel (M20-29) of Vernon, made it two out of three in 2008 overall series wins, clocking a 1:04:49 to edge out Kelowna’s Trevour Haaheim (M35-39) by eleven seconds. For Trevour, who only owns trail shoes, (no trails, no Trevour) that makes three firsts and three seconds in this race in the past six years. Cameron Egan (M20-29) of Coldstream ran a close third in 1:05:22.

In the women’s division Gillian Moody (F30-34) of Kelowna, running her first series race since 2004, set a mark on this new course that will invite future challenge, finishing eighth overall in 1:12:20. Kelowna’s Danita Schreiber (F45-49) grabbed second, by a mere second (1:23:01) as she prevailed over Mary Edgar (F20-29) of Vernon.

For these three rivals the P2B was the final showdown for the 2008 season … a rivalry that’s sure to start anew in 2009. They took the top three spots in the men’s age-graded division and it took this race to determine their placings. Scoring totals have Ellis with 1382 points, Rory with 1374 and Dan with 1356. Dan ended up, what looks like a distant third, but that's not the case at all. He beat Ellis three times during the season age-graded and also topped him in the age category scoring. Congratulations to all three, it couldn't have been any closer of a match up and we'll look forward to it's resumption in 2009.

The women's P2B age-graded contest saw Laurelee Welder (F50-54) of Kelowna take top spot in 1:08:26 and score an age-graded series second place finish for the second year in a row. Diane Leonard (F60-64) of Kelowna finished second in a time of 1:11:44 good enough for a third place 2008 series finish. Gillian Moody, with an age-graded factor of .9987, saw her clock time reduced by only six seconds and took third in 1:12:14.

Lorne White, of the Kelowna Courier, sends this link to his Peak to Beak pictures.

Overall results

Women only results

Peak to Beak men's age-graded results

Peak to Beak women's age-graded results

The thirteen race scoring is not the final official series scoring pending possible timing corrections.

Thirteen race age category scoring women

Thirteen race age category scoring men

Thirteen race age-graded scoring women

Thirteen race age-graded scoring men.

The September 11th entry below reads "Corrected results for the Bike Barn 10K have been posted." Well ... that should have been the case but, as of yesterday, the overall results for the Bike Barn were not the corrected results ... my oversight! However, the twelve race age-graded scoring did use the corrected results and the age-graded points used for the Bike Barn in the thirteen race scoring are correct.


Terry Fox

September 13, 2008

Please support the Terry Fox Run in your community tomorrow. If you can't show off your running shoes make it a point to at least drop by and show off your wallet. Could that gutsy kid ever have imagined that his legacy would continue to grow past 400 million dollars? Lets hope one day it does result in his ultimate goal!

Terry ran a marathon a day for 143 days a distance of 3,339 miles, that plus the more than 3000 miles he ran in preparing for his Marathon of Hope.

A quote from Terry's web page.

“Maybe that’s why I’ve made it as far as I have – 2,521 miles. If I ran to a doctor every time I got a little cyst or abrasion I’d still be in Nova Scotia. Or else I’d never have started. I’ve seen people in so much pain. The little bit of pain I’m going through is nothing. They can’t shut it off, and I can’t shut down every time I feel a little sore.”

More Bike Barn photos, courtesy of Van Pratt at http://www.bikebarn.ca/bb10k/race.htm


Bike Barn 10K results

September 11, 2008

Corrected results for the Bike Barn 10K have been posted.

Thanks to the The Bike Barn for their sponsorship of this race and for their donation of the grand draw prize, a mountain bike, which was won by Gary Scatchard of Penticton. Thanks too, to the many volunteers, who make our races possible!

Jeff Symonds (M20-29) of Penticton, who series racers last saw on the icy course of the Starting Block 10K where he blazed to a 32:25 finish, took first overall in 34:42 … emulating the heats of Usain Bolt perhaps? Kelowna’s Rory Switzer (M45-49) finished second in 35:24, bettering his last year’s time by half a minute. Joe Wessel (M30-34) of Kelowna, ran third in 36;08.

Yuliya Yastrebova (F35-39) of Penticton took first place in the women's division for the fourth time this year with a 40:22 clocking and bettered last year’s inaugural course record by a minute and a half. Tracey Pope (F35-39) of Naramata, placed second in 41:31 taking a minute forty off her last year’s time. Stacey Butterfield (F30-34) was a close third in 41:35.

The men's age-graded division champion will be determined at the Peak to Beak. Ellis Andrews (M60-64) of Penticton needed a Bike Barn win to stay in contention with Rory Switzer, after Rory topped him by one second in the Raven 10K. In the Bike Barn, Ellis ran a smoking 40:23 and netted a 31:38 age-graded time bettering Rory’s 31:43 second place a-g finish by five seconds. Presently Ellis has 1372 points and with more than seven races he is eligible to discard a previous 190 point score. With a win his final score would be 1382. Rory has six races totaling 1182 points and must compete in the P2B to be eligible for a medal position. A win for Rory would give him a final score of 1382 and, assuming Ellis runs second, his final score would be 1377. Those scores would be reversed should Ellis win. What happens if they end up with a P2B age-graded tie? They would have identical scores but in head to head competition Rory has come out on top in three of five races. Third place in the men's Bike Barn age-graded division went to Bob Issak (M50-54) of Summerland who also had a fantastic run finishing fourth overall in 36:35 for an age-graded time of 32:00.

The women's Bike Barn age-graded division saw Laurelee Welder (F50-54) of Kelowna take top spot in 35:29, her first a-g series win. With five, second place scores Laurelee has 1175 points and if she competes in the P2B and scores at least 175 points she would finish second in the overall series women's age-graded scoring, second to her sister Cindy Rhodes who has clinched top spot with a perfect 1400 point score. Second place in the Bike Barn went to Shirley Gray (F65-69) of Summerland with a time of 36:45. Diane Leonard (F60-64) finished third in 37:36.

The Peak to Beak will also be needed to decide top spots in three of the women's age categories and six of the men's age categories.

The Bike Barn race day photos are available here or with the link at the upper right.

The Peak to Beak is the final race of the 2008 IRA Canadian Tire Road series and it goes September 21 in Kelowna, starting from the top of Knox Mountain at 9:00AM. If you’re unfamiliar with the course check out the race director’s photo tour.


That Goofy Trail Run 10K results

August 29, 2008

Thirty six runners contested the inaugural of the Goofy - the first of six races in The Starting Block 2008 Cross Country series. Also new to the trail series this year are five year age categories, replacing the previous ten year increments. (XC series scoring will be the same as last year, a minimum of three races to a maximum of five to compete for the five deep series age-category awards. Age-graded scoring is not included with the trail series.)

Thanks to the Kamloops Ridge Runners for coming up with this 10.1 km challenging course and for sending everyone home well fed! And thanks to Dirk for once again providing the race photos.

Kamloops runners made up 24 of the 36 entrants and took all of the top three spots. Greg Johnson (M30-34) finished first in a time of 41:02, with Philip Sigelet (M45-49) second in 42:41. Rick Brewster crossed third in 43:06.

In the women's division Yvonne Timewell (F40-44) of Kamloops took top spot finishing in 49:55. Abigail May (F35-39) of Salmon Arm placed second with a 50:56 clocking and Armstrong’s Audrey Kilmartin, (F30-34) claimed third in 59:42.

Trail shoes will be next needed on Sept 28th for the Reino Keski-Salmi Memorial 10K in Salmon Arm. The twelfth race in the thirteen race IRA road series, the Bike Barn 10K, goes Sunday September 7th in Penticton. This course was changed in 2007 and now is run as two laps of the Lakeside 5K certified course. All flat and likely the season’s best chance for a 10K personal best.

The celebration of life in honour of Willis Greenaway will be held in Summerland following the race. Map (My place and it's slightly west of where the marker shows. South side, on the corner of Fir and Johnson. Parking along either of those streets. Please be wary of possible traffic coming around the corner on Johnson!!)

Links have been added to the Raven Run entry below to update the age-category and age-graded scoring. ... race day blurb for the Raven to follow!


Raven Run 10K results

August 17, 2008

Overall results

Women only results

Raven Run men's age-graded results

Raven Run women's age-graded results

Eleven race age category scoring women

Eleven race age category scoring men

Eleven race age-graded scoring women

Eleven race age-graded scoring men.


Willis Greenaway

August 13, 2008

Willis passed away peacefully August 11th, three days past his 86th birthday. There will be a celebration of his life, in Summerland, on September 7th beginning at 1:00 PM, following the wrap-up of the Bike Barn 10K. The location is 3319 Johnson Street, which is easy to find, just 600 metres off the highway in Trout Creek. Map. If you have a memory of Willis, you'd like to share, please email me (results@interiorrunningassociation.com) that we might print and display them.

Willis' running achievements include age-category Canadian records in the 1500 metre, 5000 metre, 10 mile and 50 km distances. His 1992, 3:29:00 Portland Marathon clocking still ranks as a 'BC Best' for the 70-74 age-category. He won his age category in the IRA road series a total of seventeen times. At the age of 81/82 he ran four marathons in the calendar year, including Boston.

But those who knew Willis will remember him best, not for his running, but for the personable, easy-going, gentle man that he was. Two pictures to share, one from 1983/84 and one from his last race in 2006


Grizzly 12k Age-graded Scoring

August 12, 2008

10 Race age-graded scoring women and 10 race age-graded scoring men have been posted.

On-line registration for both the Raven Run and Bike Barn 10K is also available with the links to the left under entry forms.


Grizzly 12k Results

July 23, 2008

Results for the Grizzly 12K have been posted.

Almost a record turnout for this race. Thanks to all who made the trek and supported this race! Thanks too to the many volunteers including the Columbia Park School Grade 7 class who manned the aid stations. Three hundred dollars of the race proceeds will be going towards a class trip they are planning.

Former Olympians, and husband and wife duo, Paul McCloy and Lisa Harvey, of Calgary took the top spots in their divisions. Paul (M45-49) crossed the line in 42:54 ahead of 2006 winner, Cameron Egan (M20-29) of Coldstream who ran a close second finishing in 43:09. Aspiring Olympian, Skeets Morel (M20-29) of Vernon claimed third in 43:23 just four seconds ahead of last year's winner Hans Aabye (M30-34) of Merritt.

In the women's division, Lisa Harvey (F35-39) finished in 46:21 with Shannon Thompson (F20-29) of Kelowna taking second in 50:45. Abbigail May (F35-39) of Salmon Arm was third in 51:34.

In the men's age-graded division Paul McCloy ranked first with a time of 39:09. Second place went to Ellis Andrews (M60-64) of Penticton in 40:21 and Cameron Egan scored third with an a-g time of 43:08.

The women's age-graded rankings had Lisa Harvey first in 45:16, Min Rayson (F65-69) of Kelowa second in 47:25, and Astrid Varga (F55-59) of Westbank third in 47:54.

Ten race age category scoring women and ten race age category scoring menhave also been compiled. Ten race age-graded scoring is not available pending obtaining missing information on some runner's ages.

2008 Grizzly 12K photos

Race #11 in the road series is August 17th in Salmon Arm, the Raven Run 10K. Online registration at . The first race in The Starting Block Cross Country Series, the all new That Goofy Trail Run goes August 24th in Kamloops.


Nine race age category and age-graded scoring

July 13, 2008

Nine race age category scoring womenand nine race age category scoring men have been posted along with nine race age-graded scoring womenand nine race age-graded scoring men.

Congratulations to Cindy Rhodes who, with seven age-graded wins, has clinched top spot in the division and claimed the Heidi Muckle-Gader Cup for the second year .... running. Based on average points per race, the top ten in this category after nine races are as follows.


NameAge CatPointsRaces ScoredAverage points per race
CINDY RHODESF 50-5414007200.00
LAURELEE WELDERF 50-549755195.00
DIANE LEONARDF 60-649665193.20
ASTRID VARGAF 55-5911376189.50
MIN RAYSONF 65-697544188.50
YULIYA YASTREBOVAF 35-397524188.00
TRACEY POPEF 40-445633187.67
LYNDA PROCEF 50-549375187.40
JANET RHODDYF 55-5913027186.00
GLORIA WOOLNERF 45-495563185.33


The men's age-graded division, contesting for the Willis Greenaway Cup, will likely require all thirteen races to determine a winner. To be in contention for top spot in the final scoring seven races will be required.


NameAge CatPointsRaces ScoredAverage points per race
RORY SWITZERM 45-497874196.75
ELLIS ANDREWSM 60-6411566192.67
DAN CROCKETTM 60-6411556192.50
CONNOR CLERKEM 16-195743191.33
SERGIO PIOM 40-447574189.25
ROY DAGNEAUM 70-745663188.67
JACK WESSELM 60-649355187.00
IVAN MCKNIGHTM 45-4912897184.14
GREG JOHNSONM 30-345523184.00
NEIL MACDONALDM 40-448955179.00


Speaking of Willis, an update on how he's doing can be found here. The 2006 Midsummer 8K was Willis' last race. At the time he was already well along with Alzheimer’s and would not have been able to run the race without guidance. Sherry ran with him and they finished in just over an hour.

Race #10, in the series, the Grizzly 12K goes July 20th in Revelstoke. Carpooling is available, check with the running clubs.


Midsummer 8k results

July 6, 2008

Results for the Midsummer 8K have been posted.

With 265 runners and nine wheelers entering, the 2008 Midsummer, ranks second for best IRA race attendance since 2001. Thanks to all who participated and to the promotional efforts of the Kelowna Running Club, for making this possible. More info on race attendance history here. Thanks too, to the many volunteers who made the race possible.

Graeme Wilson (M35-39) of Vancouver, repeated his last year's first place finish with a time of 26:24. Graeme was the male winner of the 2007 Timex series. Second spot went to Connor Clerke (M16-19) of Kelowna, in 27:53 with Jason Malin (M20-29) of Westbank, taking third in 28:08.

In the women's division Rachel Ruus (F30-34) of Richmond, set a new record for the 8K Midsummer distance (since 2005) finishing in 28:57. Kristina Rody (F30-34) of Whistler, last year's female Timex series winner, clocked second in 27:53 and Susanne Russell (F20-29) of Vancouver, claimed third in 31:57, just one second ahead of age category rival Shannon Thompson of Kelowna.

In the men's wheeler division, only eight seconds separated the first three finishers. Sonny Davis (M20-29) of Edmonton, crossed the line in 21:25, with Paul Clark (M50-54) of Kelowna, and Jim Hudec (M50-54) of Salmo, tying for second spot in 21:33 ... shades of Ben Hur?!!

Margaret Conquest (F30-34) of Edmonton was the sole women's wheeler entrant and finished in 39:17.

In the women's age-graded division, Cindy Rhodes (F50-54) of Kelowna, recorded her seventh 2008 a-g win finishing in 28:06. Rachel Ruus was second in 28:44 and Kristina Rody third in 29:11.

In the men's age-graded division, Brian Connon (M60-64) of Victoria, jumped from seventeenth in the overall race standing (31:29) to first, with an time of 25:06. Graeme Wilson took second in 25:30 with Rory Switzer (M45-49) of Kelowna, third in 25:45.

The next race in the series goes Sunday, July 20th in Revelstoke, the Grizzly 12K.

Midsummer photos

Peachland Beach Run photos


"Beating the Big Clock" Coalmont to Princeton

June 19 , 2008

If you can better your own best effort from a previous year, in the same race, then regardless of where you finished in the field, you’re a winner! However, aside from giving yourself a pat on the back, you don't get any recognition for that win. It won’t be a feature every race, (... with a volunteer it could be!) but nineteen runners managed to do some form of that in the Coalmont to Princeton, and those results are shown here. An extra salute to these six who bettered their 2006 time in 2007 and then bettered 2007 this year. Congrats to David Graham, Michael Kascak, Robin Levant, Sherry Maligaspe, Jordan Sim, and Don Taylor.

The entry form for race #10 in the series, the Grizzly 12K, in Revelstoke, July 20th, has been posted. The RD advises the following ... Grizzly bear 12 km Race -> New course for 2008! Due to ski resort construction 2.5 kms of last years course is closed to all traffic until Nov. 2008. That means less hills to climb and faster times this year. Don't forget your swim suit as your entry in the race will once again get you free admission to the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre. Hope to see yah in Revelstoke July 20th. (race director, and your IRA president, Jarrett Spannier).


Peach City Runners Coalmont to Princeton Results

June 8, 2008

Results for the Coalmont to Princeton 18.5K have been posted.

Competition from other same weekend races, and possibly the unseasonal temperatures resulted in record low attendance for this race - that after last year's record high. Thanks to Leslie and her race crew for the great job of hosting and for making this race possible each year. The pancakes were delicious and much appreciated by all.

Kelowna runners took the top three spots in the race. Rory Switzer (M45-49) finished with a lead of more than two kilometres and a 1:08:45 clocking - the second fastest time ever recorded for this course. (The fastest being Hans Aabye's 1:07:41, set last year.) Glenn Lear (M30-34) took second in 1:18:45 and Dirk Handke (M40-44) was third ... camera in hand? Race photos

In the women's division, Tammy Craig (F35-39) of Kelowna took top spot in 1:34:02. Lynda Proce (F50-54) of Vernon was second (1:35:29) and Robin Levant (F35-39) of Oliver, third in 1:37:31

The women's age-graded division had Lynda Proce (F50-54) of Vernon (the 2005, 2006, age-graded series winner) in top spot with a time of 1:19:11. Penticton's Janet Rhoddy (F55-59) was second in 1:22:57 with Kathleen Yanke (F60-64) of Salmon Arm third in 1:29:09.

Rory Switzer's, second fastest ever overall time, was also the second fastest age-graded time with a 1:02:49 result - not far off the record 1:02:32 set by Jack Miller (M60-64) in 2006. Dan Crockett (M60-64) of Kelowna took second in 1:06:10. Dan is five for five in meddling in this division this year. Ellis Andrews (M60-64) of Penticton ranked third in 1:07:05.

Race #9, in the series, Kelowna's Midsummer 8K goes on July 6th. And the Kelowna Running Club's race promo guy wants everyone in the Okanagan to know this and asks for your support as he tries to set an attendance record for the Midsummer!

Other upcoming races include the 23rd annual Peachland Beach Run on July 1st. As well as, the previously mentioned, Dave Jacobs Classic 20K Relay, Run & 10 km Walk, Run June 22nd in Williams Lake.

Also the second annual 'Penticton Indian Band Aboriginal Day 5k' will be happening on Saturday, June 21st at 8 AM on the Old Airport Road. Registration at the P.I.B. Community Hall on Green Mountain Road begins at 7:30 AM. No cost to register. Door prizes will be awarded at the Pancake breakfast to follow the 5k event starting at 9 AM at the Community Hall.


Seven race age category and age-graded scoring

May 30, 2008

Seven race age category scoring womenand seven race age category scoring men have been posted along with seven race age-graded scoring women and seven race age-graded scoring men.

Blackwell Dairy 15K age-graded results

Ellis Andrews (M60-64) of Penticton claimed top spot in the men's age-graded division with a time of 51:31. Dan Crockett (M60-64) of Kelowna took second in 53:02 and first place overall finisher Brian May (M35-39) of Salmon Arm was third with an age-graded time of 55:34.

In the women's age-graded division Cindy Rhodes (F50-54) of Kelowna recorded her sixth 2008 age-graded win with a time of 55:41, a time good enough for fifth place age-graded overall. Laurelee Welder F(50-54) of Kelowna finished second in 59:30, the fifth time that this sister duo has finished one two in this category this year. Astrid Varga of Wesbank (F55-59) was third in 1:01:15.

Age-graded series scoring, after seven races, in the women's division has Kathleen Yanke first, Cindy Rhodes second, and Joanne Montgomery third. The men's division has Ivan McKnight first, Dirk Handke second and Mel Doherty third.

As well as the June 8th Coalmont to Princeton upcoming June races to mention include the June 7th Scorched Sole 25 & 50K Ultra, and at 6:00 PM on the same day, the 26th annual Summerland Giant's Head 5.4 & 10K, part of the day long Man of Steel Triathlon.The Dave Jacobs Classic 20K Relay, Run & 10 km Walk, Run is June 22nd in Williams Lake. For spectators the Oliver Half Iron goes this Sunday.

An all new race that has asked for a mention on this page is the Blue Heron Half Marathon and 10K to be held on September 28, in Creston, B.C. www.blueheronhalfathon.ca


Blackwell Dairy 15k Results

May 25, 2008

Results for the 2008 Blackwell 15K have been posted.

Brian May (M35-39) of Salmon Arm beat the field by almost a full minute finishing first in 56:39. Joe Wessel (M30-34) of Kelowna took second spot in 57:31 with Richard Brewster (M40-44) of Kamloops finishing third in 59:43. In the women's division Yuliya Yastrebova (F35-39) of Penticton, was first (1:03:01), her second 2008 road series win. Cindy Rhodes (F50-54) of Kelowna bettered her time from the previous two years finishing second in 1:04:28. Abbigail May (F35-39) of Salmon Arm took third in 1:05:01.

Dirk's Blackwell 15K photos have been posted. Thanks Dirk, we do appreciate the effort you put into doing this.

Race #8, in the series, the Peach City Runners Coalmont to Princeton 18.5K goes June 8.


Six race series scoring

May 18, 2008

Six race age category scoring women and Six race age category scoring men have been posted along with Six race age-graded scoring womenand Six race age-graded scoring men.

The next race in the series is the Blackwell Dairy 15K on May 25th in Barnhartvale (Hwy 1 east of Kamloops). On line registration is available with this link.


Blossom 10 Miler

May 11, 2008

Overall Results

Women Only Results

Women's Age-Graded Results

Men's Age-Graded Results


Five race series scoring

April 18, 2008

Five race age category scoring womenand five race age category scoring men have been posted along with five race age-graded scoring women and five race age-graded scoring men.

The next race in the series is the Peach City Runners Blossom 10 Miler on May 11th. On line registration is available with this Active.com link


Boston 2008

April 18, 2008

Best wishes to these Interior runners who have qualified for and entered this Monday's 112th Boston Marathon.


Laurel AikinVernonMaxim HansenKamloops
Mike BaldigaraKelownaChristine HartKamloops
Chrissie BawnKamloopsRick JenknerVernon
Don BergstromSummerlandCindy KlerVernon
Linda BergstromSummerlandDiane LeonardKelowna
Missy BlackburnWestbankShelley PacholokKelowna
Ellen BoelckeKelownaKeith ParksKelowna
Kerry BokenfohrVernonWayne RichardsonKamloops
Mary BoonKelownaNicole StewartColdstream
Louise BurgartPentictonMichael StollVernon
Stockwell DayKelownaMardi SyrnykRevelstoke
Paul FilippiVernonSusan TemplinSummerland
Corrine GableKelownaJohn WickenheiserKelowna
Patrick GableKelownaChristopher WilsonKelowna
Ann-Marie GillRevelstokeCarol WinnColdstream
Gordon ZimmermannKelowna


Oliver Wine Capital of Canada 10K age-graded results

April 9, 2008

Overall Results

Women Only Results

Women's Age-Graded Results

Men's Age-Graded Results

Kudos from the race director

Dear Runners;
As race director of the Oliver 10K I would like to thank you, the runners for making the event enjoyable for everyone. Every year after the race I approach my volunteers to find out if there were any snags and how we could do better next year. One thing that they all were impressed with was how courteous many of the runners were. Many stopped to thank them for volunteering. This makes it pleasant for them and makes it easier for me to get volunteers for next year's event. It is never pleasant to be a volunteer at an event where participants complain. So thanks again to those who thanked the Oliver volunteers.

Without the volunteers we cannot run these races. So remember to be courteous and whenever you can volunteer.

Jack Wessel


Campus to Campus Half

March 31, 2008

Congratulations to the 220 entrants who contributed to the record turn-out for the 2008 C2C held March 30th. Top spots overall went to Rory Switzer (1:17:16), Martin McMahon (1:19:52), and Gary Wade (1:21:47). Women's top three were Yuliya Yastrebova (1:25:43), Ann-Marie Gill (1:28:56) and Shannon Thompson (1:30:12). Due to bridge construction the course followed a new route to the east of Highway 97. Results (scroll to bottom of linked page)

Thanks to this photographer C2C race photos are available here.

The next series race The Oliver 'Wine Capital of Canada' 10K goes Sunday, April 6th at 10:00. The weatherman is promising a warm spring day. Oliver weather.


The River's Spring Run Off 10K Results

March 17, 2008

The fourth race in the IRA road series the Spring Run Off is also the third race in the Timex road series.

Mark Bomba M(35-39) of Coquitlam, finished first overall in a time of 32:14 with Paul Krochak (M30-34) of Vancouver second in 33:03. Greg Johnson (M30-34) of Kamloops took third in 35:02. In the women's division, Yuliya Yastrebova (M35-39), recently from the Ukraine and now residing in Penticton, took top spot with a time of 40:07. Yuliya was a member of the Ukraine National Track team from 1994 to 2000 and still holds a 4:09 1500 metre stadium record in Spain. Second place went to Kelowna’s Cindy Rhodes (F50-54) in 40:42 with Shannon Thompson (F20-29) of Kelowna third in 41:21.

Mark Bomba also took top spot in the men's age-graded category with a time of 30:41. Jack Miller (M60-64) of Kamloops was second in 31:07 and Dave Frilund (M50-54) of Port Coquitlam ranked third in 32:03. For the women Cindy Rhodes maintained her 2008 first place series a-g sweep with a time of 35:09. Laurelee Welder F(50-54) of Kelowna was second in 35:34 and Joanne Montgomery F(50-54) of Penticton took third spot in 39:34.

Spring Run Off Pictures


Penticton Lakeside Resort 5k results

March 9, 2008

Results for the 2008 Penticton Lakeside have been posted, as well as Dirk's photos of the event. Many close finishes in today’s race. Too bad we don’t have a video of the first few minutes of the finish! Only twenty-two seconds separated the first five men and in the women’s division, it was closer yet, with the first five crossing the line just sixteen seconds apart.

For the women, it was Chantelle Deacon (F16-19) of Vernon taking top spot in 19:29, ten seconds faster than her last year’s second place finish. Tracey Pope (F40-44) of Naramata was second in 19:35. Women’s front runner, Shannon Thompson (F20-29) of Kelowna, lost out in the final few clocking in at 19:37 followed closely by Cindy Rhodes (F50-54) of Kelowna (19:40) and Stacey Butterfield of Penticton (F30-34) in 19:45.

First place overall went to a ‘new kid on the block’ Theodore Hunt (M20-29) of Vancouver, but now attending university in Kelowna. His 16:41 finish was just two ticks ahead of Penticton’s Tom Evans (M40-44) with Tom just three seconds better than Greg Johnson’s of Vernon (M30-34) 16:47 third place finish. Kelowna’s Connor Clerke (M16-19) 16:57 and Rory Switzer (M45-49) 17:03 were fourth and fifth.

Another close finish was in the men’s 60-64 category where Jack Wessel and Ellis Andrews ran stride for stride for the last mile with only one second separating them at the finish. The younger of the two prevailed in a time of 19:30. Third place in that category went to Ed Ansems of Terrace who finished in 19:40.

Three race age category scoring womenand age category scoring men have also been posted.

The men's age-graded Lakeside 5K results show the older of the dueling duo, Ellis Andrews of Penticton, first with a time of 15:17 ahead of Rory Switzer (15:24), Connor Clerke (15:42), Jack Wessel (15:49) and Ed Ansems (also 15:49). The three race age-graded men's scoring has Ivan McNight (M40-45) on top, followed by Steve Briggman (M45-49) and Mike Braid (M55-59).

The women's age-graded Lakeside 5K results show Cindy Rhodes continuing her 2008 age-graded first place series sweep with a time of 17:12. Laurelee Welder, (F50-54) of Kelowna ranks second in 17:17 and Diane Leonard (F60-64) of Kelowna is third in 18:19. Westbank’s Astrid Varga (F55-59) holds fourth in 18:23 and Chantelle Deacon fifth (18:36).

The three race age-graded women's scoring has Cindy Rhodes first, Diane Leonard second and Janet Rhoddy (F55-59) third.

Race #4 The River's Spring Run Off 10K goes next Sunday March 16th, in Kamloops. And don't forget the running clinic being held March 15th at the Thompson River University campus.


Revising the 2008 Age-Grading Results

March 2, 2008

Newer age-grading factors became available last year, part way through the season, but we continued to use the old set to keep the 2007 series grading all the same. However we should have started 2008 with the new tables. To correct that oversight the age-graded results for the first two races have now been revised.

The newer tables give everyone a factor of less than one, except for the the 23-29 age group. This includes the under 20 age categories and that change makes the biggest difference when comparing results from the two sets of tables. The old tables had Taylor Lick (M16-19) fifth in the Starting Block. The newer tables rate him a third place finish. In the Summerland Half, Connor Clerk (M16-19) moves up from ninth to second. For runners 30+ the change in results is only one or two positions in most cases. The 23-29 age group does take more of a slide ... the age-graded price of being prime!

The revised, first two race, files can be located with the 2008 Age-Graded Results link to the upper left. The previous files have been removed but this Starting Block comparison file shows the men's age-graded results using both tables.

Scoring for both the age category and age-graded 2008 series will be posted after the third race in the series the Penticton Lakeside 5K, March 9th. The comments made February 16th re the age-graded results for the Starting Block have yet to edited.

Mark Bomba and Jack Miller are presenting a running clinic in Kamloops on March 15th, the day before the River's Spring Run Off 10K. Olympian Tina Connelly will be the keynote speaker. Admission by donation with all proceeds to the Kamloops Track and Field Club.


Summerland Centennial Half Results

February 25, 2008

Results for The SCH can be found here or with the 2008 Race Results link in the upper left column. What was supposed to have been a partly sunny day wasn’t that way at all but the precip was at least light. Once again Dirk has captured the day in photos and those can be viewed and downloaded with the link to the right.

Scott Tremblay (M35-39) of Kaleden finished first overall in a time of 1:16:50, just shy of the course record of 1:16:34, set by Steven Murenbeeld in the inaugural 2006 race. Meanwhile Cindy Rhodes, (F50-54) did set a new course record, in the women’s division, with her 1:33:10 finish. The other women’s medal placings went to Shannon Thompson (F20-29) of Kelowna, second in 1:34:16 and Laurelee Welder (F50-54) of Kelowna, third in 1:39:22. Last year’s overall winner, Hans Aabye (M30-34) of Merritt, finished second overall in 1:19:18 with Sergio Pio (M40-44) of Penticton, claiming third in 1:23:32.

A number of runners didn’t receive their finishers medals. If you didn’t receive yours would you please email schmedals@yahoo.ca and indicate what works best for you. They’ll be available for pick-up at future races or we would also mail them. In the lost and found department a man’s hat was left in the hall, and a blue Brooks ladies running glove was found on the course.

The registration form for the Oliver 'Wine Country of Canada' 10K has been posted. Like last year, all entrants above the 16-19 age category will be receiving a bottle of wine. On-line registration for Oliver will be available soon as well.


The Starting Block 10K Results

February 16, 2008

Results for The Starting Block 10K can be found here or with the 2008 Race Results link in the upper left column.

Thanks to Gerry and the rest of his 'Year of the Rats' crew, (as well as The Starting Block and other sponsors), for starting our road running series off in fine fashion. Participation was down a bit from the previous year, likely due to less than favourable outdoor running conditions this past winter and the somewhat slippery running conditions on race day.

Those conditions didn't hinder Jeff Symonds (M20-29) of Penticton who melted a strip for all to follow, in winning the February 10th race. Jeff blazed his way on the icy roads, to a new course record, of 32:25, taking two minutes and twenty-one seconds off the previous mark set by Steven Murenbeeld, on the all dry, 2006 course. Vernon’s Greg Johnson (M30-34) repeated his last year’s second place finish with a 36:52 clocking and Taylor Lick (M16-19) of Kelowna finished third, bettering his last year’s time by almost a minute.

In the women’s division Yvonne Timewell (F40-44) of Kamloops took first place in 41:57 with Cindy Rhodes (F50-54)of Kelowna running second in 43:11. Mandy Sellars (F35-39) finished third in 44:01.

Age-graded results.

A quick primer on our age-graded series. Age-grading assigns a factor based on age and the length of the race. For women the factors start at age 34 and for men at age 35. Up to those ages, the factor is 1.0, and the overall time and age-graded time are the same. The factors we use come from the UK and are in use world-wide. Age on race day is used for all of the calculations. Our age-graded series would not be possible without a program to quickly do the math and Peter Pollhammer has written such a program. Thanks to his post race efforts we get age-graded results. (Peter, by the way, is on the mend after knee surgery and anticipates running/jogging the Lakeside.) Scoring in the age-graded series, is done in a similar fashion to the age category scoring, except with age-grading we end up with one overall winner in each gender division. Thanks to donations from the Kelowna Running Club and the Penticton Pounders we have two trophies, the Heidi Muckle-Gader Cup and the Willis Greenaway Cup to present to those overall winners. Those trophies were awarded for the first time last year with Cindy Rhodes and Roy Dagneau of Salmon Arm being the recipients.

In previous years when mentioning the age-graded results I have pre-fixed mention of the age-graded finishing time with ag or by saying 'age-graded time of 35:33' - not wanting to misconstrue the difference between the actual and the calculated time. However, henceforth that will be replaced by the use of italics 35:33 to represent the age-graded time.

No doubt, if you don't have the experience yet to rate an age-graded time, you think they are somewhat bent and skewed anyway but the day will come when you'll see them like we see them!

In the women's age-graded division the one, two of the overall results were reversed. Cindy Rhodes (F50-54), took top spot with a time of 37:58. Yvonne Timewell (F40-44) was second in 40:13. Third spot went to Diane Leonard (F60-64), last year's fourth place finisher in the ag series, with a clocking of 41:49

Age-graded scoring for the men had Jeff Symonds (M20-29) in top spot with his overall finishing time of 32:25. (The age-graded record for this course is held by Jack Miller who in 2006 ranked a 32:05.) Second place, went to Dan Crockett in 35:37 with Tom Carlson of Kelowna third in 36:41.

Race #2 in the series, the Summerland Centennial Half goes February 24th. All proceeds from this race will be donated to the Summerland Asset Development Initiative. (SADI) The Summerland Waterfront Resort has some rooms available yet, for race entrants, at the very special rate of $69. These rooms include a full kitchen, plus living room area with fireplace. The entry fee (now $35 and increasing to $40 on race day) includes a finisher's medal and personalized race certificate. Steve King has graciously offered to be the announcer. On-line registration, is available until midnight February 22. Hope to see you there ... er here!

On-line registration is now also available for the Pentiction Lakeside Resort 5K with this active.com link or the link under Entry Forms.


Campbell Mt Trail Run date change

February 5, 2008

The date of the Campbell Mt. run has been changed from Oct 12th to Oct 5th. The race booklets will show the incorrect date unless they have been manually corrected.

The entry form for the Penticton Lakeside Resort 5K has been posted. As in previous years the race will be the Provincial 5K Championship - but walkers are welcome too!

On line registration for the Summerland Centennial Half is now available through Events OnLine. Note too that the showers at the Summerland Recreation Centre will be available to entrants after the race. There will be an 8:30 AM start time for anyone wishing to walk the Half.

The first race of the road series, The Starting Block 10K is this coming Sunday, in Lavington, 14km east of Vernon on Highway 6. See you there!


The River's Spring Run Off 10K March 16th

January 17, 2008

The entry form for the fourth race in the road series has been posted. On-line registration is also available with this Active.com link.


Summerland Centennial Half Marathon Feb 24th

January 17, 2008

The entry form for the SCH has been posted. The pdf file includes an info sheet and course map. The entry fee is the same as last year at $25, which includes a finisher's medal. However, as we'd like to better gauge entrant numbers prior to the last week, the fee will increase on February 16th to $35. Please mail your entry no later than the 15th to avoid this extra charge. Day of race entry will be $40. Registration forms will be available and accepted at the Starting Block 10K on February 10th.


Do you know someone needing a boost to get off the couch?

January 9, 2008

Sun Run clinics are a great way to do that and there's still time to register. In Penticton and Kamloops the clinics will be held Saturday mornings starting January 19th. In Kelowna they run Monday evenings beginning on January 21st. The registration fee ($129 plus GST) includes the Sun Run entry fee ($30) and both a clinic and Sun Run shirt. More info at this link to SportMed BC's InTraining Clinic

They also offer an on-line program for $75, for those not able to access the clinics, due to location or scheduling. That program doesn't include a Sun Run entry so it may be of interest to anyone wanting to start a supported running program but not wanting to join the masses on Georgia Street come April 20th.

Another start running option is to join a running club. Links to BC Interior clubs can be found here. Joining a group is the best way to stay motivated and prevent injury.

A basic, but free, on-line 'How to Get Started With Running' program is available at this About.com running link.

And finally there are many books available including The Beginning Runner's Handbook (the official training manual for the Sun Run) which has nineteen reviews at amazon.ca and all of them five star!

One more book to mention, (one familiar to anyone who started running in the '70's) is 'The New Aerobics' by Dr. Ken Cooper. Although no longer in print it is still available, in used book stores and on-line. (More than two million copies printed, from 1968 to 1980.) The book awards points for a variety of aerobic exercises based on their intensity and duration, with the goal being to obtain thirty points per week.


New trail run added

January 8, 2008

The Kamloops Ridge Runners have added a sixth race to The Starting Block Cross Country Series. "That Goofy XC Run" 10K will go August 24th in Cartwright Park, Kamloops. That date is a week after the Raven Run 12K and two weeks before the Peak to Beak.

As the table below shows, over the past four years, every race in the XC series has had increased or the same attendance, year to year. (What's up with the one exception to that ... Summerland too tough for some of you? Or should I not attempt making cookies?!)

Individual four year cross country and seven year road series participation tables can be viewed with the Series Participation link.


Cross Country Races by Number of Entrants 2004 to 2007
YearReinoCampbellL NicholsSmldKalKnoxTotal


The Starting Block 10K and 3K Run/Walk Entry Form

January 5, 2008

The entry form and a course map in pdf format can be downloaded with the link to the left. The entry fee includes a souvenir cloth carry bag for the first 250 registrants. On-line registration is also available with this Active.com link.

A link to Dirk Handke's race photos has been permanently added to this page. (In the 'Of Interest' section.) All of Dirk's 2007 photos can be viewed or downloaded, as well as photos of the Jan 1st, Peachland Polar Bear Run.


2008 goals

January 3, 2008

Welcome to Interior Running 2008. Green and greener is the trend, so for this year, green we'll be. Carbon footprints? Here's a wish, that for 2008, you'll be increasing your CO2 exports as a result of your running footsteps! May you achieve your 2008 running goals whatever they may be.

This update is a work in progress. The link to the upper left has the complete 2008 schedule information but thanks to Peter P here is the schedule at a glance.


Road Series
1Vernon Starting Block 10K10-Feb
2Summerland Centennial Half24-Feb
3Penticton Lakeside Resort 5Km9-Mar
4The River's Spring Run Off 10k (Kamloops)16-Mar
5Oliver "Wine Capital of Canada" 10k6-Apr
6Peach City Runners Blossom 10 Miler (Penticton)11-May
7Blackwell Dairy Run 15km (Kamloops)25-May
8Coalmont to Princeton 18.5k8-Jun
9Kelowna MidSummer 8k6-Jul
10Grizzly Bear Run 12k(Revelstoke)20-Jul
11Raven Run 10k (Salmon Arm)17-Aug
12Bike Barn 10k (Penticton)7-Sep
13Peak to Beak (Kelowna) 18k21-Sep
Cross Country Series
1"That Goofy XC Run" 10k24-Aug
2Reino Keski-Salmi Memorial 10k28-Sep
3Campbell Mountain Trail Run 6.5k (Penticton)5-Oct
4Larry Nicholas Memorial Cross Country 9k (Kelowna)19-Oct
5Summerland Cross Country 8.4k26-Oct
6Kal Park Cross Country 9.5k (Vernon)2-Nov


2007 news

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