2020 IRA XC Run Series – Virtual Iron Legs

Since at least two of the races in the 2020 Interior Running Association (IRA) Cross-Country (XC) Series have been cancelled, and others may be as well, there will not be the usual IRA XC series awards for this year. However, the IRA invites runners to take part in a Virtual XC series event to be eligible for a “Virtual” Iron Legs recognition for the 2020 XC series. 

 Here is how it works:

1. Register online via Race Roster website (see link below) for the Virtual IRA XC Series. Online registration is free and will be available from noon August 22nd and close midnight, October 13th, 2020.
2. Run all five (5) virtual trail runs that cover the same distance as each of the IRA XC series race distances (listed below) in ANY order between September 20 and November 1, 2020. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we recommend that you do your trail runs in the vicinity of your hometown. For example, if you live in or around Vernon, you could run the Kal Park and the Reino Run courses. The run must be at least as long as the race distance (see below). For proof of completion, you will be required to download a file/photo when you enter your result for each run.
The run distances are:

a. Campbell Mountain = 8.8 km

b. Summerland Sweets = 7.4 km

c. Reino Run = 9.0 km

d. Kal Park = 9.0 km

e. Larry Nicholas = 9.0 km

 3. After each XC race distance is completed, enter your result (see link below) by login or using your name and registration number. For proof of completion, download a file/photo for each run. Accepted file types are jpg., pnp, gif, – Maximum 2 MB. All results will be posted online and will be available for everyone to see after November 1st.

 4. There are no entry fees, no age group awards, no overall awards, and no trophies for this event. However, after Nov 1, 2020, the runners who complete all 5 race distances by the Nov 1 deadline will receive a Virtual IRA 2020 XC Iron Legs recognition certificate by email.

 5. In addition, there will be draw prizes for all runners who complete all 5 of the Virtual XC runs. You earn the title of “IRON LEGS” and the draw prizes will reveal same. Also, there will be 2 grand draw prizes of Timex watches (male or female watches available- you pick). The draw will be done November 2, 2020. The names of the winners and their prize will be posted on our IRA website, IRA Facebook, and IRA Instagram.

 Link for registration:   https://raceroster.com/events/2020/33365/2020-ira-xc-run-series-virtual-iron-legs 

Post results:    https://results.raceroster.com/results/thz9jfuaqkeyaddb