Okanagan College Half Marathon Apr. 7, 2013

The eleventh edition of the Okanagan College Half (originally the Campus to Campus Half) was the first time the race was a part of the Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series. The race is now a modified loop from the KLO Campus, and was held in conjunction with a 10K and a Half marathon relay, which were not part of our series. These events made for some added excitement, with the three relay exchanges adding to spectator interest, and the 10K starting 15 minutes ahead of the Half. This was the first IRA race to feature chip timing, and the College website shows results of the chip times as well as gun times, whereas the medals, and IRA times are recorded from gun (clock) time. The IRA is interested in your opinion of this event, positive or negative, and whether you would like to see it continue in the series. Please contact your club rep, or a member of the IRA executive with your opinions.