Cross Country Series Iron Legs

Congratulations to all those runners who took part in the Starting Block Cross Country Series this year, and many thanks from the Interior Running Association executive to all the Race Directors and volunteers for putting on a fantastic series. As with the road race series 2015 saw a significantly increased participation at all the cross country events.

The following runners completed all of the cross country events: Kendal Cowley, Lisa Michaud, Rhian Harrison, Janice Bradshaw, Wendy Krasuin, Astrid Varga, Dustin Quigley, Bradley Meikle, Dirk-Tiger Handke, Dean McCarthy, Dan Kunzelman, Stephen Joyce, Markus Heinrichs, Kris Malczynski, Patrick Amundsen, Melvin Doherty. They each receive a custom Iron Legs long sleeve shirt.