Starting Block Cross Country Race Series Winners

The following runners won their age group in this years Starting Block Cross Country Race Series. Congratulations to them all. This year we are sending out a gift certificate to each of the age group winners that is redeemable at local, participating running stores:

Kamloops – Runners Sole
Vernon – Starting Block
Kelowna – Fresh Air Experience
Penticton – Peach City Runners

Women’s Winners:

F20-29 Kendall Cowley, F30-34 Jennifer Spencer, F35-39 Annie Bergen, F40-44 Erica Malerby, F45-49 Rhian Harrison, F50-54 Leslie Gamble, F55-59 Claire Parker, F60-64 Joanne Montgomery, F65-69 Astrid Varga, F70-74 Karen Willies.

Men’s Winners:

M16-19 Liam McGrath, M30-34 Josh Heinrich, M35-39 Brad Smart, M40-44 Trevor Haaheim, M45-49 Dirk-Tiger Handke, M50-54 Danny Kermode, M55-59 Kris Malczynski, M60-64 Roly Muller, M65-69 Gerry Breneman, M70-74 Ellis Andrews, M80-84 Bruce Butcher.