Series Awards

As the race series are now over for the year it is time to recognise some award winners. Many thanks to all who took part in this years events and we look forward to seeing you out next year. We are indebted to all the clubs, race directors and volunteers who made this years races possible. Without your hard work and dedication we couldn’t have had such a successful year.

Road race series winners:

Congratulations to the following athletes for winning their age group in the 2016 Canadian Tire road race series.

Female Winners:

F20-29 Kendal Cowley, F30-34 Julie Quigley, F40-44 Jane Jones, F45-49 Erica Moser, F50-54 Leslie Gamble and Rosalie Swart, F55-59 Cindy Rhodes, F60-64 Laurelee Nelson, F65-59 Astrid Varga, F70-74 Diane Leonard, F75-79 Liz Borrett.

Male Winners:

M20-29 Brad Bickley, M30-34 Josh Heinrich, M35-39 Johannes Rath, M40-44 Robbie King, M45-49 Richard Dueck, M50-54 Sergio Pio, M55-59 Lance Zablotney, M60-64 Roly Muller, M65-69 Teddy Boyko, M70-74 Peter Benson, M75-79 Frank-J Reimer, M80-84 Guenter Naumann.