A Message From The IRA President

Interior Running Association Mission Statement:

The IRA supports running, in all its forms, in communities throughout the region by providing resources and expertise in member clubs. 

2020 is a year to be remembered for the Interior Running Association. Early in the year, the IRA Executive made great gains. It created and distributed Sponsorship Packages, secured sponsors for the Road and Cross Country races, created the Multi-Race Road Series, distributed a membership-satisfaction survey, and much more. The team had planned the year to almost perfection, and I write almost, because we didn’t plan on the COVID 19 pandemic.

COVID 19 is proof that we are not able to control what is going to happen, but we have proven that we are able to adapt to change. Although we weren’t able to salvage the road race series, the IRA was able to support clubs and cross-country race directors by creating the Virtual Cross-Country Series.  Runners are still out there running, and more and more people are turning to running as their exercise of choice. It is nearly the ideal activity for a pandemic, as all that is needed is a pair of shoes and social distancing.  

This pandemic has created a shift; the physically active community is moving to more online-supported activities. People are posting pictures of solo or small groups hiking, running, cycling, and cross-country skiing. More are doing virtual runs/races where longer periods of time to complete and post results are allowed. This shift to social media is of special interest to the IRA in that one of our 2020 goals was to increase participation in IRA XC runs. It appears that the IRA is in alignment with the shift with the existence of the IRA 2020 Virtual XC Series. 

The IRA AGM was held December 2nd, via Zoom conference. I am happy to report that we have a couple new additions to the IRA Executive Team. After many years of being the Director of Timing, Peter Pollhammer is passing the baton to Danny Kermode of Vernon. Peter is taking a Member at Large position, which means that he will be able to provide support wherever it is needed. Peter has a wealth of knowledge about running and our running community; a real asset to the Interior Running Association.

2021 IRA Executive

President – Cindy Rhodes

Vice President – David Guss

Secretary – Janice Bradshaw

Treasurer – David Dennier

Director of Website – Adam Zelenka

Director of Awards – Matthew Turmaine

Director of Social Media – Danielle Shand

Director of Timing – Danny Kermode

Director at Large – Peter Pollhammer

In closing, the IRA Executive looks forward to working with its members to create a 2021 Road Race Series and a 2021 Cross Country Series. We will be in communication with Running Club executives and IRA race directors for direction on how they want to proceed. Stay tuned for more information in the future.  I commend the IRA Executive for their ability to collaborate and work as a team, always with the best interest of the IRA members in mind. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay strong!

Cindy Rhodes (IRA President)