Larry Nicholas Race Photos

What a great day for the Larry Nicholas Race. We broke the 2010 record of 113 finishers! We had 119 finishers at the race:) Needless to say the Nicholas Family is super happy with the turnout and the support of the Larry Nicholas Memorial Run. A huge thank you to our 25 volunteers, some who have been involved with this race for more than 30 years. Net proceeds go towards the Larry Nicholas Bursary. Fun Fact: Larry used to run from his home on June Springs Road to the trestles, then trestles to Myra Canyon, down Myra Canyon Road, to McCulloch Road, then home on June Springs Road. He also used to run from home to KSS school in the morning.


  1. Hi everyone. I was hoping to make this year’s Larry Nicholas Run my first race back racing. Unfortunately I had to travel out of town for the weekend. Just had a look at all the photos – what a great day it was! Hopefully we have more races next year.

    Trevor Haaheim

    1. Hi Trevor! As race director of this event, I am super happy with the event, it was a perfect day! Hopefully we will have in person races in 2022 and we will see you then!

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