Your Interior Running Association 2022 Executive:)

The Interior Running Association held their Zoom AGM, December 9th at 6:00 pm. There were 12 in attendance:)
All of your 2021 IRA Executives continue their positions for 2022 and we have a couple new additions.
Your 2022 IRA Executive is:
Returning President – Cindy Rhodes
Returning Vice President – David Guss
Returning Treasurer – Dave Dennier
Returning Secretary – Janice Bradshaw
Returning Director of Timing – Danny Kermode
Returning Director of Website – Adam Zelenka
Returning Director of Social Media – Danielle Shand
Returning Director of Awards – Matthew Turmaine
New position Director of Communications – Peter Pollhammer
New Member at Large – Melvin Doherty
New Member at Large – Sylvia Thompson
Thank you for your continued support:) Your 2022 IRA Executive looks forward to supporting the Okanagan Valley running community!

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  1. Thanks to all the Executive members for their fine work in keeping the Association going in these difficult times. Hope springs eternal, but I am looking forward to some in person races in 2022. Fingers crossed.

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