This year, there is a new logo on the IRA Road Race bibs – Mamas for Mamas!

The Interior Running Association decided to promote a non-profit organization for the IRA Road Series. We chose to partner with Mamas for Mamas to bring awareness to the running community of their non-profit organization. Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and family facing various poverty-related struggles.

Partnering with Mamas for Mamas means:
-the IRA Road Series races have the Mamas for Mamas logo on the race bibs, at our expense.
-the IRA promotes Mamas for Mamas on the IRA website by including Mamas for Mamas logo with a link to their website where people can make a donation.
-Some IRA sponsors (e.g. Peach City Runners and Fresh Air Experience/Concept) have a Mamas for Mamas donation bin in their store.
-Mamas for Mamas may have signage/representation/donation bin at road races.

Note: The IRA races are organized by clubs and they decide where the proceeds of their races go.
If individual runners want to donate to Mamas for Mamas Charity, they can do this directly on the Mamas for Mamas website.

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