Volunteers can now earn Series Age Group points for volunteering
have their name included in the End of Road Series draw for a $500.00 Gift Certificate.

If a runner volunteers for 1 or 2 series races, we give them points for their age group standing in the race they volunteer for based on the average of the other races that they actually run. They get a max of 2 credits for volunteering and must actually run at least 3 races and volunteer for 1 race. If they run and volunteer at the same race, they only get credit for the actual run result. If they run 7 of the 9 road races and volunteer for the other 2 road races, they will have earned IRON LEGS for the Road Series.

After the race, the race director submits the names and email information of their volunteers to IRA’s timing director, Danny Kermode dannykermode@gmail.com for calculation of points for the volunteer.

$500.00 Gift Certificate DRAW!
The last road race of the series is September 4th, The Fast Days of Summer 5000. The $500.00 Gift Certificate will be drawn after the awards. Volunteers who have had their name submitted by their race director to Danny Kermode dannykermode@gmail.com and runners who have completed IRA road races will be eligible for the draw.
Note: Winner does not have to be present for this draw.

Criteria for IRA Series Awards can be found in IRA Resources: https://www.interiorrunningassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/2023-IRA-Series-Awards-Criteria.pdf

Volunteering Testimony

I am very happy to hear that the IRA is implementing a new point system that allows one’s volunteering at races to count towards overall standings. As I was injured for a couple of the early season races, this allowed me to help out until I was able to run again. It also gave me a couple of chances at the $500 gift card draw. Volunteering is a fabulous way to give back to the racing community, meet new people, and have a unique and fun experience. I encourage everyone at least once to get involved volunteering at a race! Gloria Woolner

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